Wiild Guns Reloaded brings SNES Crosshair Shooter Action to PS4 In Autumn 2016

Drop those irons! Or something like that. Cult classic Natsume SNES game Wild Guns is getting a much-needed second chance, as an expanded rerelease on Playstation 4 titled Wild Guns Reloaded.

The original Wild Guns is a bit of a curiosity, as it was released late in the Super Nintendo's life, especially the Western releases which were 1995 in America and 1996 (!) in Europe, and also represents a genre that was on its way out, if not so already at that point- the crosshair shooter. As either Clint or Annie, players tore up wild west locations with a sci-fi twist on things, mostly in the form of giant robots everywhere, in the style of Cabal and Blood Bros., where both the player character and aiming reticle are controlled at the same time. Wild Guns is often seen as the pinnacle of the genre, encompassing both the elements that made the genre what it was (the crosshair, destroying the scenery for fun and profit, the dodge-roll) as well as adding its own things (a lasso to stun enemies, dynamite that can be thrown back, helpful 'Look Out' warnings for approaching bullets). However, the game is a bit of a rarity if you want a real copy (outside of its Wii Virtual Console rerelease).

Wild Guns Reloaded, from what the reveal trailer's shown, is more of an advanced port than a remake or remaster- there's no HD 3D to be seen here, it's a refinement of the SNES original, sprites and all! Comparing the footage shown with the original game is fascinating (you can see Natsume showing what they've done on their website) as a lot more detail has been put into the background art yet it still retains its SNES-like aesthetic. This version will be adding new content though, including two new playable characters (Doris and Bullet, seen brieflly in silhouette in the trailer), four-player support, and new stages and bosses. The game is due for a release in Autumn 2016, so keep an eye on this if you have even the slightest interest in the humble crosshair shooter.

Wild Guns Reloaded E3 Trailer

Link: Natsume Press Release on Wild Guns Reloaded

Last Updated ( 17 June 2016 )  

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(Link to this comment) arober4 2016-06-18 07:21
Wow, a remake that gets it. Shut up and take my money! Hopefully this inspires more "advanced ports" of our favorite classics (because we don't need anymore of this "re-shelled" bullshit, amen?).

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