Vectrex Regeneration Revives The Vintage System On iPhone & iPad

Vectrex-Regeneration-Revives-The-Vintage-System-On-iPhone-iPadThe Vectrex lives again through iOS devices, thanks to a new app released by Rantmedia Games. Vectrex Regeneration is a modern handheld collection of Vectrex games which were first seen back in 1982 on the tabletop style system with interchangeable cartridges.

First announced back in July, Vectrex Regeneration allows you to revisit this eye-catching (in terms of visual style) era, and is even compatible with the iCade cabinet, making it almost – almost - like playing the real thing. While it might lack the charm of the original hardware, it's most definitely the cheapest option available to get nostalgic.

Original Vectrex titles available to play through the app include Armor Attack, Bedlam, Bezerk, Blitz, Cosmic Chasm, Fortress of Narzod, Heads Up, Hyperchase, Pole Position, Rip Off, Scramble, Solar Quest, Spike, Star Castle, Starhawk, Star Shiphip, and WebWars. 

All-new indie titles can also be bought in the app such as Thrust, Continuum, Vector 21, and War of the Robots. More original and original Vectrex games will be released in the coming months too.

The app is free to download, but Minestorm is the only title you can play initially. An In-App purchase labelled the 'Mega Pack' costs £4.99/$6.99 and unlocks all the original Vectrex titles though, and the all new games are priced individually.

Vectrex Regeneration Trailer

Link: Vectrex Regeneration on the Apple iTunes Store

Last Updated ( 29 November 2012 )  

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An avid collector of retro handhelds since getting a Game Boy Pocket back in the 90s, perhaps his most embarrassing gaming moment was when he got involved in an eBay bidding war...for a Tiger game. Also has a interest in sports and likes to write features connecting them with games whenever possible.

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