Unreleased Super Nintendo 'PlayStation' CD-Addon (SNES-CD) Prototype Console Discovered

SNES-CD-Prototype-Console-FoundThe fall out between Sony and Nintendo's mid-nineties collaboration is well documented online, with the collapse of the SNES-CD unit paving way for the unstoppable PlayStation. Since then various tidbits of information, photographs, and documents have since surfaced on this fabled device. As of today though it would appear one lucky individual happens to have to hand a prototype unit of the CD based Super Nintendo.

Also dubbed the PlayStation, this upgraded Super Nintendo was set to offer the same functionality the Mega CD brought Sega's 16-bit console. With CD versions of Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and even Street Fighter II rumoured to be heading to the system, things were looking up for Nintendo. As we all know though, the end result was Philips releasing the CD-I and a selection of lacklustre licensed Mario and Zelda games.

Fast forward to today though and an incredible discovery has been made with this history of the SNES-CD prototype. Originally posted to Reddit, a gallery containing photographs of the console mockup were uploaded online showing the very same unit in person that's seen all too often in old magazine scans. Coupled with the early PlayStation logo and the all too familiar yellow of Super Nintendo plastic, this discovery seems all but too real to be another cruel hoax on the gaming world.

The owner of this said prototype recently popped up on the AssemblerGames messageboard to give his take on the selection of photographs he has shared. Although sounding like every kid we ever knew on the playground, his father supposedly had links to Nintendo and the development SNES-CD / PlayStation, and found the system lying around in a box of items he was meant to discard years ago.

While it's yet to be known if the system works or has a functioning CD-ROM drive, there is hope. Accompanying the system is also a PlayStation branded control pad, a test cartridge, and an untitled CD. The owner is frequently posting updates to the message board as and when he has them, so stay tuned to see if we're another step closer to this unfinished chapter of retro gaming history.

Link: Super Nintendo CD Prototype Console Gallery

Last Updated ( 03 July 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) gunstarhero 2015-07-03 14:37
Excellent post sir :)
(Link to this comment) Gamesquest1 2015-07-03 15:58
colour me skeptical, as much as i would like this to be true, it seems iffy, the story sounds a bit weird,
for something thrown in a box the fading on the controller port looks more like something that has been in a stationary position in the sun
(or possibly some sort of UV light to speed up the process) with the controller plugged in to give the impression of colour fading....plus for something "thrown in a box" the plastic is in pretty immaculate condition
idk just call me the token skeptic, but just seems a bit "odd"

ok he has also uploaded a video of the unit

hopefully it turn out to be legit
(Link to this comment) LDman95 2015-07-03 18:27
I am also skeptical, considering that the console was meant to be an add-on rather than an actual console, the guy has never told anyone where he actually got it from, and it has an extension port, why would an add on have an extension port? The controller also has Sony PlayStation tacked on, but on the back he clearly states it's just Nintendo. Hopefully someone confirms it's legitimacy ot it would have been a cruel, cruel joke.
(Link to this comment) Amarthar 2015-07-07 09:33
It's not an uncommon practice to make prototypes from already existing parts. It's cheaper to just stamp a logo then to make a new mold, and as you can see the text on the back is part of the controller not just a sticker.

As for the extension port, one reason I can think of is that you could theoretically plug the Satellaview into it (the service was only discontinued in 2000).
(Link to this comment) fierybirdything 2015-07-03 19:32
LDman95, from what I gather, I believe there was supposed to be a standalone SNES/CD-combo console as well as the add-on.

Anyway, definitely an intriging article. Hope it's real.
(Link to this comment) DemonicNinja 2015-07-03 21:09
(Link to this comment) T Moleman 2015-07-04 16:55
Quoting DemonicNinja:

I get the same vibe. As far as anybody has ever said there was only a plastic case made that was taken around consumer shows and never any hardware.
(Link to this comment) kmksoulja 2015-07-04 17:39
PlayStation Prototype Photo on books…


(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2015-07-04 19:06

Still think it's fake? If so someone's got way too much time on their hands.
(Link to this comment) Flozem 2015-07-08 04:59
The discoloring actually is plausible if this is a functional prototype. It has a cartridge slot afterall, and looks like using different materials for the housing.

Would love to see it operational though.
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-07-13 01:02
According to an employee from Sony who played the Play Station it was said that the system was never referred to as PlayStation but it was Play Station. The labeling on the system is wrong, and the guy is worried about opening the system up and not willing to get an AC adaptor to try and power it up... yeah fake.

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