Unreleased 'Stalker' For Commodore Amiga Discovered & Released Online For Download

unreleased-stalker-for-commodore-amiga-discovered-a-releasedAs far as unreleased video games go, retro gamers hoping to get their hands on unfinished action usually have to rely on the generosity of prototype owners. It has been quite a different story for the unreleased Commodore Amiga game Stalker, following a rather unusual series of events online.

Sometime last year, Petro Tyschtschenko, a former Commodore director stumbled upon a huge warehouse find of several hundred brand new Amiga A1200 Magic Packs. Tyschtschenko has been slowly selling these systems for around 150 Euros each, with many happy customers around the world posting pictures of their arrivals to his Facebook page.

As of recent though, one of these pictures in particular peaked the curiosity of several Amiga fanatics, for reasons other than the new hardware on display. The Amiga visible here was running an unidentified game which had countless members of the English Amiga Board stumped.

After much discussion and speculation, a keen eyed user deciphered the names credited on the title screen, József Punk and Ferenc Bardos. Users then located József Punk's company, Intuitive Computers, and decided to get in touch.

Not only did this attempt at contact uncover the fact that it was indeed József Punk sat in front of his brand new hardware, but it also provided an unexpected response regarding the unidentified title.

Email from József Punk

Stalker is a prototype of an Amiga game I developed with two of my friends about 20 years ago. The main unique feature of the game was the rearrangeable playfield. The player controls a two leg robot in a scene that is built by same sized blocks. These blocks are moveable in rearrange mode.

Developers are:
Ferenc Bardos - Graphics
Viktor Dara - Music
Jozsef Punk - Programming

If you are interested, I have different versions of demos of the game in adf files. The game has never been finished and has not been released. We did not find a publisher to finance the development.

Hopefully I will have some .adf files to try soon.

For those unfamiliar, ADF files are images of Commodore Amiga disks (think ROM files), which in this case contain the unreleased game Stalker.

The user which contacted József Punk was soon in possession of the game's code, which in turn was uploaded to the English Amiga Board for further inspection. Despite some in-game glitches and various errors, the game was soon patched up and redistributed for all to play either in an emulator or on the original hardware - something József's photograph has proved possible.

Stalker (Unreleased) Commodore Amiga Gameplay

To get your hands on this unfinished title, you will need to be a registered member of the English Amiga Board. Registered users can access the private file server known as The Zone, where the ADF of Stalker can be downloaded from.

So if a single photograph of a proud Amiga owner can result in an unreleased game surfacing online, who knows where new leads in unexpected places will take the retro gaming community next.

Link: Stalker Discussion at English Amiga Board

Link: Stalker Information at Hall of Light

Last Updated ( 05 March 2013 )  


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