Unreleased Japanese Famicom Platformer 'Parody World: Monster Party' ROM Released

After many years of remaining a mystery, the Japanese version of NES curiosity Monster Party has finally been found and preserved, answering a lot of questions about the game in the process!

Monster Party- originally titled Parody World: Monster Party' for its intended Japanese release- is a bit of an oddity for the NES- a platformer with a shocking amount of blood on display, including skeletons bleeding out of their eye sockets and actual rivers of blood shown between stages... And one of the bosses is a cat in a box. While planned for a Japanese release, in the end it only made it to the U,S, published by Bandai, and the few images of the Japanese version that existed showed that some elements were very different- the most famous being the venus fly trap boss of Stage 1 actually being a rip-off of Audrey II, the killer houseplant from Little Shop of Horrors. For years, people wondered what the rest of the game could've been like.

With the Japanese ROM finally dumped and preserved, it turns out the entire game is full of legally-dubious rip-off bosses from a wide variety of 80s horror films- almost all of them were changed for the final U.S. release. We'll not spoil them so you can figure them out for yourself. There's also several other differences being discovered, including the game being a lot harder than its U.S. cousin.

As for how this version of the game finally made its way here, the story begins back in February, when a copy of a prototype cartridge appeared on eBay, complete with a history of the cart's significance, and sold for a whopping $3519 (that's just over £2000) to two members of the NintendoAge forums. The thread on the game on their fourms mentioned a reproduction of the cart was to be made, but ahead of that one of the members released.the ROM just today.

Click the link below for the official release thread, and see which famous movie monsters you can spot in the game!

Link: Monster Party Parody World Free Prototype ROM Release!

Last Updated ( 03 July 2014 )  

Tepid Snake

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