Unreleased Commodore Amiga CD32 Snowboarder 'Biff Boardin' Surfaces On eBay With Snowboard Accessory

Biff-Boardin-Commodore-Amiga-CD32-Prototype-on-eBayWhile the Commodore Amiga CD32 might not be the most popular system around, it definitely has a group of dedicated and loyal fans behind it. With such a limited number of games being made available for the console during its short lived life, the die-hard games devoted to the CD32 will be amazed to hear an unreleased snowboarding game appears to have been discovered - with an accompanying snowboard accessory too.

Biff Boardin' as it is known is the creation of Surf Systems, a somewhat undocumented development team that appears to have been lost to time. From the limited information we have, it's safe to say that this studio created just two games for the Amiga CD32: the aforementioned Biff Boardin' and a surf simulator known as Urban Surfin'. What made these rather remarkable is that both of them had their very own and unique surf board and snowboard controllers, both of which being lifesize replicas which read your movements and converted them into the on-screen action.

Although information is limited on these two games, Biff Boardin' has strangely been available to download in a number of 'ROM Sets' online (such as the Amiga CD32 Homebrew TOSEC Compilation), yet nobody seems to know where the disc image originated from. Anyone downloading this disc image will be able to play Biff Boardin' in its entirety, but will have to use a standard joypad to control the game.

As of today though, anyone wanting to uncover the mystery behind these titles has the chance to purchase them, along with both the snowboard and surfboard controllers. Having appeared on eBay as of late, this one-of-a-kind auction has listed the full Surf Systems collection for a dollar shy of $1,000. The current owner of the collection has uploaded a short video to YouTube showcasing the software and hardware in action to help entice buyers.

What remains to be known, however, is whether or not these games and their accessories were ever released commercially, or whether or not this very auction contains one of the few prototypes out there.

Biff Boardin' (Amiga CD32) Gameplay & Accessory

Link: Amiga CD32 Biff Boardin' + Snowboard Control Pad on eBay

Last Updated ( 15 December 2016 )  


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