Unofficial ‘Resident Evil 1.5: Battle Coliseum’ Demo Released For PlayStation 1

Resident-Evil-1-5-Battle-Coliseum-Demo-ReleasedIn recent times fans of the Resident Evil series were treated to a playable leak of Capcom’s unfinished Resident Evil 2 prototype. Dubbed Resident Evil 1.5 due to being scrapped in favour of the game we all know and love, preservationists have been working behind the scenes to resculpt the game from the ground up to provide a more playable and complete experience. While progress is still being made, Team IGAS have just released an early demo of their work which features an all new gameplay mode known as Battle Coliseum.

If most of the above is seeming somewhat confusing, you’re not alone in that thought. Basically, in an attempt to repair the missing parts in the unfinished Resident Evil 1.5 prototype, Team IGAS have utilised a completely new engine to hold the game’s action. This has allowed the group of talented individuals to build upon Capcom’s efforts and restore what they believe should have been the finished product all those years ago. Although no release date has been set for this project, their latest playable demo is definitely worth taking a look at.

Although lacking much of the actual core gameplay, this demo showcasing the Battle Coliseum is a new take on the Battle Mode which first saw release with the Sega Saturn version of Resident Evil. This bonus game built into the original title, and subsequent releases, puts a character of your choice into temporary scenarios filled with enemies that they must survive. Depending on how well you do, based upon the ammo used, damage sustained, and whether or not you survived through it all, you’re given an overall rank.

While a short demo, there is plenty to take from what’s on offer already. Team IGAS have not only been able to create a new boss out of a zombie gorilla model left behind in Resident Evil 1.5, but much much more. The new engine in action here features Resident Evil 4 style aiming, and even quick rotate functionality too - all of which is supposedly going to be present in this Resident Evil 1.5 restoration.

So should you be a fan of the series, it’s not only worth giving this demo a quick look, but also keeping an eye on on-going developments from Team IGAS. Resident Evil Battle Coliseum can be downloaded from the launch trailer’s video description below, and then enjoyed on a modified PlayStation 1 or via an emulator.

Resident Evil Battle Coliseum (Gameplay Demo)

Link: Resident Evil Battle Coliseum Launch Trailer (Download in description)



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(Link to this comment) Tyron 2015-12-16 10:27
Fantastic news! :)
(Link to this comment) Mush-E-peas 2016-01-03 18:34
They used this in Dino crisis!!! The Dino colosseum.
I would of loved to do that with Resident Evil

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