Unofficial Chinese Nintendo NES 'Final Fantasy VII' Port Remastered By ROM Hackers

Final-Fantasy-VII-NES-RemakeFor the last four years, one incredibly dedicated ROM hacker has been dissecting and adjusting the inner workings of an unofficial and unlicensed port of Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo Famicom/NES - ensuring its gameplay and story closely follows the PlayStation 1 classic. Although lacking approval from SquareEnix, this 8-bit demake of the RPG epic is something we suspect even they'd be proud of, and one you can now experience yourself.

To backtrack a bit and get you up to speed, in 2005 ShenZhen Nanjing Technology released a run-down port of Final Fantasy VII for Nintendo's 8-bit system in China. Despite lacking a lot of story elements, gameplay aspects and finesse, ROM hacker Lugia2009 saw potential within the game's code and began using it as a basis to recreate the PlayStation 1 adventure in its entirety for the Nintendo NES.

Throughout these four years, Lugia2009 has been sharing his progress on the forums through various screenshots, updates and graphics - leaving countless retro gamers frothing at the mouth. During this process the black-market release has been transformed into a fully fledged 8-bit RPG with music to match its PlayStation counterpart, updated and more recognisable visuals, and also a refined story which follows the one we all know and love.

As of today a downloadable patch for the Chinese Final Fantasy VII bootleg has been released online allowing everyone to finally sample this huge project. While it's yet to be tested in every emulator and confirmed as working on the original hardware (via an Everdrive N8), we're very much looking forward to swinging around our buster sword and reliving the 1997 quest in an all new form.

Final Fantasy VII NES Remake Gameplay

Note: This video is from a much earlier version and may not reflect the latest version's gameplay/visuals

Update: Apparently the patch in the link below is currently broken. An updated and working patch has been released on the forums and can now be downloaded.

Link: Final Fantasy VII (Chinese Pirate) Remastered & Translated ROM Patch

Last Updated ( 14 November 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Turkish 2013-11-14 19:27
Awesome! Cannot wait to play!!! :-D

Just loaded it up. Works marvelously on NesDS!
Oh yeahhhhh! 3-)

Great job Lugia2009 and team!
(Link to this comment) Shereebedee 2013-11-19 21:25
How's this working for you? I've gotten stuck on level 67 of the Shinra building. Bugs out and I can't go any further!
(Link to this comment) CraZyEddy2010 2013-11-15 08:31
Now this is just freaking great! :)
(Link to this comment) Grambo 2013-11-17 19:09
Will not work on Everdrive N8; ROM is too big and uses an unconventional mapper.

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