Turbografx 16's rarest game, 'Magical Chase' on eBay

MagicalChase The incredibly rare Turbografx 16 game 'Magical Chase' has appeared on eBay. Currently sitting nicely at $1500, this game is without a doubt in demand amongst the TG16 fans and set to finish at a rather high price. For those not familiar with this title, read on and find out a bit more behind this Shmup!

Magical Chase was released (in Japan) in 1991 by Quest for the PC Engine. It was eventually brought to America for release in 1993 on the US Version of the PC Engine, the Turbografx 16. Featuring bright colourful visuals and fantastic Shmup gameplay, Magical Chase is always in demand.

What makes Magical Chase so desireable though is it's rarity. This Turbografx 16 game was released very late on during the Turbografx's life, which is only the minor reason for it's rarity. What really makes this stand out as a tough title to get, is that it was only available via the mail order store Turbo Zone Direct.

Link: Magical Chase - Turbografx 16 auction



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