The Game Gear System - Converting Sega's 8-Bit Handheld Into A TV Based Console

Game-Gear-System-Converting-Sega-Handheld-Into-A-TV-Based-ConsoleMost console modifications you see today often involve the addition of a LCD screen to a previously non-portable system. The Game Gear System, however, is the complete opposite. One 8-bit enthusiast has created the ultimate solution to playing Game Gear games on the TV, a console which even Sega would have been proud to have sold.

Although many will tell you that the Game Gear is nothing but a portable Sega Master System, there are more than enough exclusive titles and hidden gems on Sega's handheld which set the two systems apart. Whilst you can get a convertor to play Master System games on the Game Gear, the difference in colour palettes and power make Game Gear cartridges incompatible with the Master System.

This lack of compatibility combined with the low quality screen inside the Game Gear has spurred on one Japanese gamer to make amends. Starting from scratch, MGS1987 has taken the insides of the 8-bit handheld, added RGB TV out support and consolified the handheld. Whilist this is impressive enough already, the modder has then taken his work to the next level by creating a luxorious and authentic looking packaging, a convertor to play Mark III / Master System games on his Game Gear console, and even a unique control pad with the all important start button included.

Sadly though you'll have to accept that this will always be a one of a kind system. Although it could potentially become a real money maker, MGS1987 has stated that the work he has done is just for show and to inspire others on in doing the same.

Link: Sega Game Gear System Console Modification

Last Updated ( 08 April 2012 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) Lord_Santa 2012-04-08 22:34
this was probably the most impressive hardware modification I've seen for any system, ever

truly professionally put together and a brilliant idea

if this could only go into production, but I think that SEGA would probably shoot it down
(Link to this comment) k1ngarth3r 2012-04-08 23:31
Very nice
(Link to this comment) MegaDrive20XX 2012-04-09 00:10
Holy Santa Claus Dookie...we need to find this technology and mass produce it. Do you know how many GameGear games are out there compared to working systems in America!?
(Link to this comment) Speedle 2012-04-10 08:49
This is awesome! I'd but one of these in a heartbeat! would be nice to see GG games on the big screen and actually see what they look like. Even after a full cap replacement on my GG the picture isn't brilliant.

I do have a GG with a busted screen so maybe I might have a crack at making one of these :D although I doubt I could make it look that nice!
(Link to this comment) sdekaar 2012-04-10 09:00
the result is marvelous.

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