Teletext Gaming Magazine 'Digitiser' Revived Through YouTube

Digitiser-Issue-1-on-YouTubeJust a few weeks ago the RetroCollect FM co-hosts sat down with Mr Biffo, one of the legends behind the TV-based British gaming magazine, Digitiser. Although hiding behind his alias, Paul Rose has been anything but shy in reviving the Digitiser name through his newly launched project Digitiser 2000. With countless fans of the now defunct service coming out of the woodwork to stay connected with Rose, one has gone a step further and uploaded to YouTube a recording of the very first issue of the ‘The World’s Only Daily Game Magazine’.

If you happen to be a little too young to remember what Teletext was, or maybe even need a refresher, the information retrieval service was a pre-internet of sorts which was accessed through your television. From inputting a page number, viewers could access the latest news, check on football scores, or in our case, get the latest video game news and reviews before the magazines had even gone to print. Digitiser, sitting comfortably on page 370 onwards was a fountain of fresh video game gossip littered with risqué and surreal humour through-out - something you can get a real feel for in our latest podcast episode.

While Teletext may be long gone, it would appear those wanting to once again skim through Digitiser are in luck. The entirety of January 1st 1993's issue of Digitiser (the very first one), has been archived on YouTube from what we can only assume has been retrieved from an old video tape recording. Although more of an introductory issue, reviews covering Chuck Rock and Kirby's Dream Land can be seen, along with cheats for Turtles In Time and Decap Attack, and the charts at the time which sees Sonic 2 sitting firmly at the top. 

Here's to hoping many more issues can soon be preserved and made available online for future gamers and nostalgic oldies.

Digitiser Issue #1 (January 1st 1993)

Source: Digitiser 2000

Last Updated ( 06 January 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) Bobbus74 2015-01-07 11:50
That is a real flash back. I used to read Digitiser at my aunt's house because my tv didn't have Teletext!
(Link to this comment) illarterate 2015-01-07 14:43
Teletext long gone? Maybe not, for there is this:
(Link to this comment) fierybirdything 2015-01-08 13:43
This is surreal. Sometime after you released the podcast, I was discussing this topic with my boyfriend, in particular how I never actually checked out Digitiser back in the day, even though I used Teletext for quizzes and things. He wondered if it was possible for me to find it on Youtube, which I responded by saying that it was very doutbful, even though archived screenshots exist.

And then this happens! Clearly, my boyfriend is psychic. Or a time-traveller from the future.

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