Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) is updated for 2010 as Tecmo Super Coach

tecmosupercoach2009American Football-come-Retro Gaming fans can rejoice as Tecmo Super Bowl has been updated by a very loyal and dedicated fan to bring it into 2010.
This version of Tecmo Super Bowl is rebranded as Tecmo Super Coach as it has completely removed the Player mode and focused on the Coaching mode. The team rosters have been completely upgraded and the graphics have been modified to reflect the other changes.

Here is the changelog / features straight from the updater himself:

Welcome, TSB Fan!


Complete graphical re-branding of TSB! Coach-style ROM. All 32 NFL teams. In-Game Playbook editing. 8 Custom Defensive Plays. Altered Coach-style player Ability Points. A mesh of up-to-date and 'what should have been' 2009-10 rosters [Example: Braylon Edwards on the Jets, Troy Polamalu on the Steelers. It's the best of both worlds.]. Visual Instruction Book, complete with game information and full Defensive Formation breakdown. For a complete list of graphic changes, play-style alterations, game hacks, and so much more, please view the TSC Instruction Book.


Many aspects of Tecmo Super Coach 09-10 have been updated for this v1.2 release. Lots of graphic work. A good amount of game play hacks were also installed. I think you're gonna to love them. All of the changes have been denoted in the fully enhanced TSC Instruction Book. I'm also of the opinion that all of these updates have gone to serve Tecmo Super Coach becoming a tighter, more streamlined, and more fulfilling football experience. See the below TSC Change-Log for specific details.

> TSC v1.2 | CHANGE-LOG:

[x] Defensive Reaction Updates (Routes, Logic patterns, and 1 more Men-in-Motion addition.)
[x] Field Goal Logic
[x] Kickoffs - 13ish Yard-Line and Under
[x] Warping Punt Returner (shifts forward and then warps to return position) * Also in DC? **Partially fixed
[x] "Tecmo" red text
[x] Team Formation numerical text color to white
[x] Controller Flashing removed
[x] End Zone color fix
[x] Punt Coverage increase
[x] Preseason Injuries
[x] RB route adjust to not hit OL corners *90% accurate currently
[x] QB Fumble % Increase
[x] Punt Returner Fumble % Decrease
[x] End of Season Roster Update
[x] '09-'10 Pro Bowl Rosters
[x] Lions Helmet update
[x] Title Screen Reorganization
[x] Title Screen TSC Redraw
[x] Sideline Referees Added (Graphics)
[x] Replace "Team NFL" Intro Screen w/ "MGK NFL"
[x] Replace NFLPA Logo w/ Lombardi Chalkboard Motif
[x] Replace NFLPA Intro Screen w/ Lombardi Coach Tribute Screen
[x] *NEW* Active Player Icon
[x] Changed League Leaders screen colors to TSB/TSC Instruction Book palette
[x] Changed "TECMO" on-field 35-yard logo to "TSC"
[x] Kickoff Ball Arch marginally raised to increase defensive coverage
[x] Changed Playbook Interface Graphics to Chalkboard Motif
[x] Elway Punt Length Bug Fix
[x] "...is for p*ssies." (remove "u" from intro text)
[x] Misc. ROM Updates

> TSC v1.1 | CHANGE-LOG:

[x] Major Global Player Ability Point reformatting
[x] End Season 09-10 Roster update w/ SIM stat update
[x] Major Defensive Formation cleanups / updates
[x] QB Logic / Priority WR updates
[x] Complete Playbook update
[x] A couple of Special Teams edits (credit - Xplosv)
[x] '15-Minute' Clock Edit (credit - Bruddog & friends)
[x] Moved Kickoff to 30 Yard Line
[x] Jstout's fix of a turnover glitch that occasionally happened in TSC
[x] Jstout's 4 - 3 Team Formation Screen
[x] Yellow Field Goals posts
[x] Several Misc. Graphic changes (schedule screen color, league leaders background colors, et al.)
[x] Defensive Formations utilizing the Men-In-Motion concept (credit - Xplosv)

> TSC v1.0 | CHANGE-LOG:

[x] Large Tecmo Super Coach graphical re-branding
[x] Complete starting 2009-2010 NFL roster update
[x] Complete Playbook overhaul
[x] All Defensive Reactions overhauled
[x] Most Offensive Reactions overhauled
[x] A dozen+ general game play updates


As always, a big thanks goes to CX_ROM for his 32-Team ROM base. A huge thumbs-up to Jstout for his always appreciated code science-dropping and creativity. Rod for developing this online TSB forum community. Xplozv and Elway for their awesome coding tweaks. And Bruddog and Bodom for their consistent feedback.

Also as always, if you come across incorrect Player Names, Races, Jersey Numbers, or Bugs--let me know.


Link to Download Tecmo Super Coach

Last Updated ( 06 March 2010 )  


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