Team 17 Set To Revive Amiga's Superfrog In A 20th Anniversary HD Remake Heading For PS3 & PS Vita

Team-17-Set-To-Revive-Amiga-Superfrog-In-A-20th-Anniversary-HD-Remake-Heading-For-PS3-PS-VitaHaving stepped aside from their usual earthworm antics, it would appear that Team 17 are set to celebrate the 20th birthday of one of their bygone heroes. Just announced today, Superfrog HD is due for release on the PS3 and PS Vita, reviving the long lost (and dormant) Commodore Amiga classic.

Due to the success and interest their Alien Breed remakes have received, Team 17 have decided to delve further into their back catalogue to find the next title worthy of a high definition update. While we're in hope the likes of Project-X and Body Blows will soon follow Superfrog's long awaited lead.

For the console gamers amongst you, Superfrog was very much one of the many attempted answers to the Commodore Amiga's shortage of mascots. With Sonic and Mario running wild on their respective consoles, the Amiga computers saw the arrivals of Zool, Brian the Lion, Pinkie and Superfrog (to name a few) in an attempt to combat the Japanese rivals. Superfrog's one and only title was everything Amiga gamers had hoped for - speed, style and flair - but sadly he failed to reappear after his 1993 début.

While Team 17 have not confirmed any release dates as of yet, we'll be waiting patiently to see the revival of a under-loved British gaming hero.

Team 17 Superfrog HD Press Release

Team17’s classic Superfrog to make the leap across to PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita!

Team17 are proud to unveil their plans to re-release Superfrog HD later this year, 20 years on from the regal amphibian’s first appearance. Superfrog HD will feature all new graphics and will be making an appearance on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita.

Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s Managing Director, says, “We're extremely excited about bringing Superfrog HD to PS3 and PS Vita; it's the most requested game that our fans are always requesting to see make a return. Now, with the 20th anniversary of the original Superfrog and the recent re-release of our classic survival-horror Alien Breed, we feel the timing has never been better.”

Superfrog was originally released on the Amiga in 1993 and received much critical acclaim:

  • The One Amiga - 93% - “With Team17’s impeccable track record I was expecting Superfrog to be well above par but it’s far more than that – it’s breathtakingly good. Everything about the game, from the graphics and sound through the control to gameplay, has been honed and tweaked to gleaming perfection”
  • Amiga Computing - 93% - “Superfrog is quite simply Team17’s greatest release to date. It’s full to the brim with great graphics, sound, playability and addiction. You’d have to be completely potty or hopping mad to ignore it”
  • CU Amiga - 89%  - “Superfrog is a very polished product, possibly the best that Team17 have ever produced.”
  • Amiga Action - 89% - “What can you say about Team17? Everything they touch these days seems to turn into gold and Superfrog is no exception. This is without a doubt the best all-out platform game on the Amiga to date”

Last Updated ( 13 February 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Megatrons_Fury 2013-02-13 14:55
I loved this game, the Amiga was a superb computer for platformers and this one stood out a mile.

As long as it isnt stupidly priced like most PSN games then its definitely getting added to the collection.
(Link to this comment) k1ngarth3r 2013-02-13 20:53
Great news :-)
(Link to this comment) gamepopper 2013-02-15 23:12
Please also add the opening animation done by Eric Schwartz!
(Link to this comment) Cauterize 2013-02-16 11:09
Quoting gamepopper:
Please also add the opening animation done by Eric Schwartz!

Ahhhh, good point. How could I forget that!

I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle the secret hand-drawn secret section of the Ice World level in HD.
(Link to this comment) Captaincoconut 2013-02-17 10:01
As Mario was Nintendo and Sonic was Sega, SuperFrog was Amiga - great platform, lots of hidden sections, and bloody difficult in parts! A great challenge - appealing to all ages just like Mario and Sonic.
Great to hear that it will now be reaching a wider audience - and hopefully getting its rightful place in platform history.
Now anyone hear anything about "Woody's World"...

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