Superufo Pro 8 Super Nintendo Flash Card With Save State Functionality

Superufo-Pro-8-New-Super-Nintendo-Flash-Card-With-Save-State-FunctionalityFirst the SNES Powerpak, then the Neo Myth, followed by the Super Everdrive and the upcoming sd2snes- the newly arriving Superufo Pro 8 is ready to enter the congested market for modern SNES backup solutions. This new flash card from Swap Magic 3 holds plenty of exclusive features to warrant attention from retro gamers.

The most notable addition to the Superufo Pro 8 SNES flash card is that of a cartridge slot sticking out of the top of the cartridge. This port, identical to the various import adapters you may be familiar with, offers direct functionality to backup your own cartridges to the SD card. 

Why would you want to do this given the extensive selection of ROMs available online? Apart from backing up the limited life left within the battery backed game saves, collectors of prototype Super Nintendo games will be able to take ease in this all in one solution to archiving their unique museum pieces.

Those less interested in the obscure will be very interested to know that the Superufo Pro 8 also offers save state functionality. That's right, you'll be able to save your progress within any game and restore it at a later date- something no other flash card on the market can offer at this point in time.

Going back to basics, the Superufo Pro 8 is also boasting compatibility with the BSX, C4, DSP, SA1, SPC7110, Super FX chips, allowing the likes of Starfox to run flawlessly on this new device.

Superufo Pro 8 Super Nintendo Flash Card Features:

  • Game Cartridge emulator
  • Game save function
  • Real-time game save function
  • Firmware flash rom (firmware updatable)
  • Memory card support SD, HC-SD, TF and MMC
  • USB support for files transfer
  • Cheat  code function (Thousands of cheatcodes build-in)
  • Multi game files format support  (UFO , 078, SMC, FIG and BIN)
  • Regional Protection Patch function (auto patch and play): allows you to play imported games from different country
  • Original game cartridge back up function. (backup your existing game cartridge)


  • Emulation Game Cart-Dram Size: 32Mbit( With NiMH Battery BackUp)
  • Emulation Game Cart Rom Map Support: HiRom, LoRom
  • Emulation Game Save Sram Size: 1Mbit(With Li Battery BackUp)
  • Emulation Game Cart Sram Map Support: HiRom, LoRom
  • Game Cart Special Chip Support: BSX, C4, DSP, SA1, SPC7110, Super FX (With Game Cart On Top)
  • Firmware Flash Rom Size: 2Mbit(Updateable with SUPERUFO CLONE or FLASHUFO)
  • Extended Firmware Sram Size: 256Kbit
  • SDCard Support: SD, HC-SD, TF, MMC (FAT 32, 16, 12 System)
  • USB Support: USB1.2
  • Game File Format Support: UFO, 078, SMC, FIG, BIN, ROM
  • Cheat Code Support: X-Terminator, Gold Finger
  • Regional Protection Patch Function: Automatic Patch To Play

Watch the Superufo Pro 8 in action

With quite a lot packed into this cartridge, you'll be surprised to learn that it is has been given the low RRP of £59.99.

Link: Buy Superufo Pro 8 SNES Flash Cartridge
Link: Superufo Pro 8 Super Nintendo Flash Cartridge Official Website 

Last Updated ( 12 March 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Speedle 2012-03-13 10:22
I feel an impulse buy coming on! :D

And for £60 I think this has to be bargain on the year!
(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2012-03-13 10:42
Just ordered one, hope it lives up to the hype!
(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2012-03-20 18:54
I got mine, its okay but:-

1) Not found a single game the save states work on yet
2) "Game Cart Special Chip Support" Cannot get that to work
3) USB Connector is ridiculously fragile, mine's broken off already :((
4) It doesn't have long filename support! Meaning your roms all end up as like "SUPERM~1.sfc"

I'll have a full review soon.

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