Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition Fan Hack of Infamous NES Game Released

Even bad games get their day in the sun, and such is the case with the NES Super Pitfall, which has been given an extensive hack for its 30th anniversary by a fan to improve it by, well, a lot.

 A little context is probably in order for one of the most infamous NES releases. Super Pitfall, released in 1986 in Japan and 1987 in America, was Activision's first published game for the NES, but while the title screen says 'Reprogramed by Pony Inc.', the game was actually the work of developer Micronics, who were often contracted to work on games for other companies with disastrous results. Their works are often riddled with sloppy coding, including load times, poor scrolling, and the feeling that the game's just going to fall apart at any moment. Some of their most well-known works include the NES ports of Athena, Ghouls n' Ghosts and Ikari Warriors, and Super Pitfall is well-known for being almost impossible to play, with items critical to beating the game being hidden until you jump on specific tiles, collision detection that's more of a suggestion that set in stone (determined players can walk through walls), and the first ladder you see in the game drops you into a spike pit. It's certainly an interesting game, but almost certainly not a well constructed one.

Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition Gameplay Footage

With that set, Mario Axevedo, a game designer and coder from Rio de Janerio, under the name Bit Ink Studios, has given Super Pitfall a much-needed spit-polish with this extensive hack, Super Piftall 30th Anniversary Edition, to make it considerably more palatable and playable. Some of the many additions include all-new artwork, a save functionality, improved controls, items and warps now being out in the open, a new soundtrack that includes the Pitfall II theme, and even a screen that tracks your progress. With these changes, the game is a lot more accessible and maybe a little closer to what Micronics really wanted for the game, so certainly give it a try! Only try the original game if you're feeling pretty brave, though. You can download the patch to fix Super Pitfall from both Bit Ink Studios and, so good look, Pitfall Harry!

Link: Bit Ink Studios Release Post

Link: Page for Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition

Last Updated ( 08 September 2016 )  

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