Super Nintendo Flash Cartridge ‘SD2SNES’ Gets Pro Action Replay Cheat Code Support

SD2SNES-Cheat-CodesIf you’re one of the lucky few amongst us with the overpowered Super Nintendo flash cartridge, the SD2SNES, you’ll be pleased to know new features are on the way. While Super FX compatibility is yet to be announced, support for Pro Action Replay codes is about to be released for those wanting to cheat their way through the classics.

One of the greatest aspects of the SD2SNES is the sheer power within and ability to replicate the Super Nintendo’s custom chips - both of which allowing developers to get the more obscure titles working on a flash cartridge. Unlike the Everdrive and Powerpak range, the SD2SNES is currently the only flash cartridge out there that will eventually support the games like Star Fox through clever emulation and trickery.

While many gamers who invested in the device were hoping for such support to be available by now, there have been a good few other significant updates which have justified the cartridge’s high cost. The latest of these, as mentioned above, is support for Pro Action Replay cheat codes. Allowing gamers to create a small text file with the same name as the game of choice’s ROM, cheat codes can simply be added in and automatically loaded into memory. This new feature is due to be released in the coming days with a few additional extras. Until then, be sure to see the cheat codes in action below:

SD2SNES Cheat Code Functionality Demonstration

Link: SD2SNES Announces Pro Action Replay Compatibility

Last Updated ( 17 August 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) Speedle 2015-08-13 13:52
Really not fused in the slighted about cheat code support. I'm surprised this was even a priority. Super FX support please!!!!! :)
(Link to this comment) Flozem 2015-08-13 17:25
Meh - better availability / lower price please... :)
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-08-15 15:15
I have had nothing but trouble with a lot of the games I play on this thing. Many of them will crash or have glitchy graphics. I play Super Mario All Stars + Mario World and the game crashes as soon as it launches a game. Or Super Metroid... you play the game and you get graphical glitches and then it eventually crashes when going through a door. Mega Man X crashes when you get the password screen. So many other issues. I don't understand why so many of the games are not compatible with this thing. If anyone else has some suggestions for me with this problem please let me know.

I have been able to successfully play Super Road Avenger on it though... which is basically why I bought the thing.

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