Super Metroid MSU-1 Hack Brings Blake Robinson's Orchestral Soundtrack To The Super Nintendo

Super-Metroid-MSU-1-Soundtrack-HackSuper Metroid is often praised for its lonely and atmospheric feel which is communicated through an incredible soundtrack by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano. Even today the game's audio holds up rather well and further proves how powerful the Super Nintendo's soundchip really was. Paying tribute to the composers, fans of the series have made their own remixes and rearrangements of the game's music - some of which has just gone full circle and ended up in the game.

Back in 2013 Blake Robinson released an incredible Super Metroid tribute album which featured each an orchestral take on each and every track from the game. Dubbed Super Metroid Symphony, many fans applauded Robinson for his work and ability to stay true to the game's backing track, all whilst providing a modern sounding alternative to Yamamoto and Hamano's work.

Also as of late, Super Nintendo homebrew developers discovered a way to play full motion video and CD quality audio on the 16-bit console without a disc drive in sight, all through the custom-built MSU-1 enhancement chip. This development has since seen the Mega CD's Road Avenger arrive on the Super Nintendo, along with high quality soundtrack alterations to Mega Man X and The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. The latter of these hacks takes the original game and replaces the in-game audio with a selection of MP3s to play during the game when requested. Using this technique, fans of the series have managed to rebuild the soundtrack to Super Metroid to use Robinson's work instead. Although the original music is timeless, this MSU-1 hack of the game provides yet another great reason to play through Super Metroid, and what we can only hope is more exposure to Robinson's work.

Arriving as a downloadable ROM hack patch, fans who have bought Super Metroid Symphony will be able to bring their digital download into the game using the provided instructions. This will then be playable through the emulator higan, or on the original hardware using the expensive SD2SNES flash cartridge - the only one providing MSU-1 support. For everyone else, here is a quick preview of the Super Metroid MSU-1 hack in action.

Super Metroid (MSU-1 Soundtrack Hack) Gameplay

As usual, to enjoy this MSU-1 audio patch you will need to have purchased Super Metroid Symphony, and have access to a legally obtained Super Metroid SNES ROM file to which you can apply this patch to. Full instructions on how to patch this ROM can be found within the download, or you can refer to this handy ROM patching guide on YouTube.

Link: Download Super Metroid MSU-1 Soundtrack Hack Patch

Link: Buy Super Metroid Symphony

Last Updated ( 09 May 2015 )  


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