Super Mario World Speedrun Record Broken In Under 6 Minutes

Super-Mario-World-6-Minute-SpeedrunBelieve it or not but the 16-bit classic Super Mario World can be beaten in a mere few minutes. While this speedrun may rely on taking advantage of the console’s memory and forcing it to run beneficial glitches, pulling them off without an emulator is anything but easy. With countless gamers fighting for the fastest time, a new record has been set for reaching the games credits in 5 minutes and 59 seconds.

If you’re wondering how the many stages of the Donut Plains and beyond are beaten so quickly, you’ll be impressed to find out that this entire collection of glitches takes part on the very first level. By using certain items in specific places at set times, speedrunners are able to manipulate the game’s memory into doing things it shouldn’t. There’s a much more detailed explanation available as to what’s going on, but the general jist of the glitch is that it tells the game cartridge to play the end game credits preemptively.

Whether or not you believe this to be a talented feat or waste of a timeless title, you cannot help but watch in amazement as a 25 year old classic is ripped to shreds.

Super Mario World Beaten in 5:59.6



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(Link to this comment) TreeMunky 2015-01-23 16:04
Like a human TASBot :)
(Link to this comment) OniKyanAE86 2015-01-23 17:43
He set a new record of 4:49 a couple days ago.....

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