Super Mario Bros Joins The Female Revolution By Introducing Peach As The Playable Character

super-mario-bros-joins-the-female-revolution-by-introducing-peach-as-the-playable-characterEarlier this week a bold statement was made regarding the role of female protagonists in video games. Due to a three year old retro gamer's upset, Pauline and Mario's presence in Donkey Kong were switched - something which has begun a role-reversal trend. The all time favourite, Super Mario Bros, has just received the same treatment placing Princess Peach in control of rescuing Mario from the clutches of Bowser.

After all these years of being told our Princess is in another castle, we never expected to see Peach enjoying the sunshine and stomping on Goombas. This is all a reality now thanks to the clever graphic editing skills of's Kishi. His newly released ROM patch, Super Mario Bros: Peach Edition, (clearly inspired by Mike Mika's Donkey Kong efforts) swaps out all of Mario's sprites and replaces them with a 8-bit looking Princess Peach, ready for action.

Super Mario Bros: Peach Edition (Nintendo NES) ROM Hack Gameplay

Those of you who still happen to play Super Mario Bros with a second player are also in luck. Instead of using Luigi as a second player, Daisy joins in the fun of rescuing the plumbers as a replacement for our green clothed sidekick.

A downloadable Super Mario Bros: Peach Edition patch for Super Mario Bros can now be found at As usual, to enjoy this fan made patch you will need to have an original Super Mario Bros ROM file to which you can apply this patch to. Full instructions on how to patch this ROM can be found within the download, or you can refer to this handy ROM patching guide on YouTube

Link: Download Super Mario Bros: Peach Edition NES ROM Hack Patch

Last Updated ( 15 March 2013 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) Loch and Quay 2013-03-15 15:35
I'm sorry Princess, but Mario is in another castle playing go fish.
+1 (Link to this comment) tcdev 2013-03-15 22:04
So when do we get androgynous SMB??? :o
(Link to this comment) Rucket 2013-03-16 09:07
(Link to this comment) Megatrons_Fury 2013-03-17 18:21
Will lara croft be replaced by somebody called BOB for future tomb raider games....Nope and do you know why? Because Men are far too busy just getting on with things. Life is crazy enough as it is without having to make sure that every single person is catered for constantly in every single possible aspect of society.

As comic relief highlighted to me on friday, theres bigger problems in the world!
(Link to this comment) Marsmite 2013-03-18 11:32
I think this trend is brilliant, but in this case I think it's a shame they went with Peach over Princess Toadstool. It takes the game a little out of its era.

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