Sonic the Hedgehog TV Series SatAM Gets Australian DVD Release

sonicTVThe complete series of the cult-classic Sonic the Hedgehog: The Animated Series (commonly referred to as SatAM) has been released on DVD in Australia. And it's easy to import!

Not to be confused with Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog which is more humour based, SatAM is the darker, more 'mature' iteration of Sonic's animated adventures. Originally airing in 1993 on the ABC network in America, the series was an instant hit. While the series has been released previously in both the UK and US as well as Mexico, those collections can be hard to track down today.

However, thanks to Beyond Home Entertainment, the series is now availalbe across two sets in Australia. And, this being the international world of the internet, non-Australian fans who may have missed out on the US and UK releases can also secure a copy.

Retailing at $19.95AU ($13.35UK/ $20.85US) the releases are somewhat 'vanilla' in that there are no specials included on the disks. Also, it should be noted that the arrangement of the episodes on the disks doesn't follow either the official episode numbering or the production order as listed on Wikipedia. Still, for those Sonic fans who do not yet have a copy of the series this might be your best, and possible last (at least for a while), opportunity to get a hold of it.

The series is available for both Australian and international fans from the following stores. Check the specific store for shipping costs. Season 1,  Season 2

JB Season 1, Season 2

Last Updated ( 24 January 2012 )  

Joe Douglas

A lover of comics, sci-fi, fantasy and dusty old video games, Joe is a Sega man through and through. Combining his love of collecting and blue hedgehogs, Joe runs the site SonicCollectors on which he attempts to build a database of Sonic merch. He is tolerated by one cat, two dogs and his girlfriend.

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