Sonic Hacking Contest 2015 Brings New Mega Drive Games & ROM Hacks - Including Portal Gun In Sonic 2

Sonic-Hacking-Contest-2015-Entries-ReleasedJust because there hasn’t been a good Sonic The Hedgehog title in decades doesn’t mean you should give up on Sega’s hero. The annual Sonic Hacking Contest has returned - a yearly event which gathers some of the greatest retro developers in the world, all with the aim of creating new adventures for the blue hedgehog. This year’s entries have just been submitted meaning it’s time to fire up the Mega Drive and look forward to some new games.

If you’re just tuning into this event, prior Sonic Hacking Contests have brought around some incredible 16-bit releases such as The S Factor: Sonia and Silver, Metal Sonic Hyperdrive, and the twisted take on the original known as An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack. While many of these are advanced edits and ROM hacks of Sega’s 16-bit classics, there are also brand new games built from scratch, along with tweaks made to more recent games such as Sonic Generations too.

As you’d expect the quality of this year’s entries are incredibly high and there’s plenty of releases you’ll want to try out on your Mega Drive. Take Knuckles' Emerald Hunt for example, a hack which puts the echidna on a quest to locate chaos emeralds within the levels rather than special stages. More advanced efforts are on offer too such as Portal Gun in Sonic 2, which as the name implies, puts the infamous teleportation gun into Sega’s platformer. Completely new adventures on offer such as Mobius Evolution are also worth checking out as not only do they feature some incredible visuals, but also all new storylines, stages, and more.

Needless to say Mega Drive and Sonic The Hedgehog fans have plenty to be enjoying over these coming weeks. While we’re yet to test many of these out on the original hardware, chances are quite a few of them will work using the likes of Krikzz’s Mega Everdrive and Everdrive MD flash cartridges.

Sonic Hacking Contest 2015 Entries Showcase

Link: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015 Official Website



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