Songbird Productions releases new game for the Atari Jaguar CD - Robinson's Requiem

Robinsons-Requiem-Jaguar-FrontAtari aftermarket publisher Songbird Productions is at it again. After various Jaguar, Jaguar CD and Lynx releases they have found a way to release yet another complete but previously unreleased game, Robinson's Requiem. Hit the jump to discover the full story.

As die hard Jaguar fans will know Songbird Productions founder Carl Forhan has been in possession of a completed version of the never released Jaguar CD port of Silmarils survival game Robinson's Requiem for quite a while. Because of this Jaguar owners around the globe have been hoping for a release on the Songbird label and now that day has finally arrived. Production is finished and the game is up for order on Songbird's website as of now. The game is sold in a DVD case style packaging along with a full manual and a nicely produced CD cover. A must have for any Jaguar fan indeed.

As for the game itself and what to expect, well, it's quite a quirky title to say the least. Developer Silmarils used the same graphics engine as in their popular RPG series Ishar to produce a truly unique game unlike anything before. You are a sole scout of the human race exploring the galaxy. Stranded on an unknown and seemingly wild planet your task will be to find a way off the planet. Unlike traditional RPGs though, gameplay is focused on survival. Fashioning your own tools and having to medicate yourself are just two of the things you will have to do. Death is a permanent threat as you try to maneuver the savage planet without catching an illness or getting injured. If necessary you even have the option to amputate your own limbs. Talk about extreme. We posted a gameplay video further down to give you a better idea what you can expect.

Robinson's Requiem was released in 1994 for Amiga, DOS, Atari ST and even the Mac and 3DO, but if the Jaguar CD is your platform of choice, why not grab this release? As a special offer Songbird is offering the game for just $50 instead of $60 until this Friday. So make sure to grab it before the price increases. Unfortunately for us Europeans have to pay a ridiculously high postage fee of $50 but if you find friends to combine the order or grab a few other items from the shop the fee will not increase. If that's too expensive for you or don't own a Jaguar CD, why not check out the DOS version on GOG where they have even thrown in spiritual sequel Deus for free.



Link: Buy Robinson's Requiem for the Atari Jaguar CD on Songbird Production's website

Last Updated ( 01 June 2011 )  


(Link to this comment) CD-i 2011-06-01 12:10
the Game will be available soon for European Gamers here:

Shipping will be around 3GBP in UK and Europe.
(Link to this comment) mawa 2011-06-01 16:22
that one i will buy

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