SMSPower's Winter Of Dumps Part 1 - Boggle Boggle & Korea's Other Alternatives To Bubble Bobble

SMSPower-Winter-Of-Dumps-Part-1-Boggle-Boggle-Korea-Other-Alternatives-To-Bubble-BobbleAs the Sega 8-bit fanatics SMSPower finally realise which season we're currently in, they return with their impressive ROM dumping project and a selection of obscure Korean games. The site has managed to preserve and release online a handful of Bubble Bobble clones which would have any fan of Taito's arcade classic speechless.

As much as we'd like to believe there is a wealth of other official Bubble Bobble games out there to provide us more bubble blowing opportunities, sadly we have to make do with the main run of titles which ended somewhat prematurely. The Koreans however have secretly been enjoying a wealth of unofficial alternate versions of Bubble Bobble on their Sega Master Systems all along, which SMSPower have managed to gift wrap for the rest of the world.

Before you get your hopes up, these clones are nothing more than lacking ports of the arcade game, existing solely for the Master System enthusiasts and the preservation of the hobby. While you could dive into these games and attempt to tackle the frustrating stages within, it's clear Taito set a very high standard of gameplay which the likes of New Boggle Boggle 2, Super Bubble Bobble, Power Boggle Boggle and Bobble Bobble fail to touch upon.

As usual our hat is off to SMSPower for the continued efforts towards the retro gaming scene, so head on over and take a look at these obscure releases Bub n Bob would not be proud of.

Link: Sega 8-bit winter of dumps Part 1: Bobble Bogeul Bubble Boggle



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(Link to this comment) Tepid Snake 2012-01-09 20:22
According to GDRI's Twitter account, the developers of two fo these games(presumabl y the first two, by MBiTM) went on to work on the official Game Gear version of the game!

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