SMSPower’s 2016 Coding Competition: Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 + New Master System Games Out Now

Alex-Kidd-In-Miracle-World-2-ROM-HackIf you’ve ever felt that Alex Kidd’s adventures on the Sega Master System were still waiting for their grand finale, then look no further. An unofficial sequel to the much loved Alex Kidd in Miracle World has finally arrived via SMSPower’s annual homebrew coding competition. This stellar release is accompanied by a plethora of other standout titles too - so get your flash cartridges at the ready.

This year’s event has seen a flurry of activity with just short of 30 different entries spanning the hack, music, and coding categories. With Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 taking centre stage in the ROM hack category, there’s also many more impressive feats such as Ma Kai Quest - another game built upon the Miracle World engine with a completely new lick of paint.

Elsewhere in the contest are some stunning new titles for the 8-bit console including Monkey Lad, an all new platformer featuring what can only be described as an ape-ified Alex Kidd; Be No Sqr, a tech demo pushing the dated system to its limits; and other releases worth checking out such as DataStorm, MARKanoIIId, Master of the Labyrinth, and Weka Invaders.


As great as these competition entries are, there are two more to note which already have that authentic retail release feel. Cimmerian is homebrew coder ichigobankai’s efforts to bring the home computer classic Barbarian to Sega’s early system. Instead of just working on a direct port using the original visuals, Cimmerian features some of the most detail sprite-work ever seen on the Master System, which compliments this solid remastering. Elsewhere on show Bara Burū by developer Kagesan is pretty much the definitive combination of Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, and Shinobi. Offering the much loved single screen arcade action of monster removal, you must stun your enemies with a quick slash and then banish them with a swift kick across the stage. Bara Burū also provides that finished product look, with both audio and visuals to accompany the quick fire gameplay.

Needless to say there are some amazing new games out there for your beloved Master System, all of which are available to download for free via SMSPower right now. All the entries are currently subject to voting too, so be sure to leave your mark on those that impress you.

Cimmerian (Sega Master System) Homebrew Gameplay

Bara Burū (Sega Master System) Homebrew Gameplay

Ma Kai Quest (Sega Master System) Homebrew Gameplay

Link: SMSPower’s 2016 Homebrew Competition Entries

Last Updated ( 13 April 2016 )  


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