SMSPower Release Another 7 Undumped Master System, Game Gear & SG-1000 Games

SMSPower-Release-Another-7-Undumped-Master-System-Game-Gear-SG-1000-GamesOnce again Bock of SMSPower fame has been hard at work to further preserve Sega's 8-bit posterity. This later release sees the arrival of seven new dumps, including that of an early Super Monaco GP prototype, a port of MSX game known as Magical Kid Wiz, and even a rolling demo of the RPG game Ys.

These new Master System, Game Gear and SG-1000 ROMs take the total number of dumps made by SMSPower up to an impressive 326 over the years. Their efforts once more have provided gamers with access to games they might never have enjoyed otherwise, whilst providing future historians with more information into the wonderful world of Sega 8-bit.

The latest releases from SMSPower are as follows:

Magical Kid Wiz / Mófǎ shī (魔法師) for the SG-1000 released in Taiwan on a beautiful green cartridge. Developed in 1986 by Sony for the MSX, this is among the MSX games that Aaronix ported to the SG-1000 for the Taiwanese market. 

Gun.Smoke (건스모크) for the Master System, released in Korea by Prosoft. This is a conversion of the MSX original by Capcom. Find the secret Wanted posters to make the boss appear and progress in the game! 

Ys non-interactive rolling Demo for the Master System. This is coming from a US type cartridge yet the text is in Japanese. It was likely created to promote the game at shows events. 

C_So! (시소) ported from MSX for the Master System and released in Korea. Not to be mistaken with the legit SG-1000 version of the same game. 

Safari Race (サファリレース) for the SG-1000. This is the proper genuine, yet unreleased dump of Safari Race. Previously available dump is a hack (supposedly from Finland) labelled 1988 similarly to the N-Sub 1988 dump. 

Super Monaco GP [Proto 1] for the Master System, a new prototype of Super Monaco GP. This is a later build than the previously released prototype which shall now be referred to as [Proto 0] :) 

Columns [v1] (JP) for Game Gear, alternate later build of Columns in Japan. If you're curious, some of the jewels shapes and flash block shapes have been changed between all three versions of the games. You can see it on the screenshots.

Should you be interested in taking a look, head on over to SMSPower and be sure to thank Bock for his continued efforts.

Link: SMSPower 7 New Undumped Master System, Game Gear & SG-1000 Games

Last Updated ( 11 March 2012 )  


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