Arcade Forge's SLG 3000 - Adding Scanlines to your Retro Games

SLG-3000-Scanline-Generator-from-Arcade-ForgeIf there is one thing that can make a pixel perfect display look any better, it's scanlines. Hoping to help sharpen the image of your games, German company Arcade Forge has released the SLG 3000 to add a range of scanlines to any VGA compatible device. Time to dig out that Dreamcast VGA adapter!

While the SLG 3000 is limited to VGA connections, a range of adapters are available to convert a Scart connection to VGA with the hope that even the likes of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo can benefit from this. However it goes without saying that the Sega Dreamcast is likely to see the best use of this new device, given it's VGA compatibility and available adapters.

Reasonably priced at just €66, this comes as a perfect solution for those still awaiting an X-RGB unit to appear on eBay. Still need convincing, let the video below do the talking:

Link: Buy SLG 3000 Scanline Generator from Arcade Forge
Source: NintendoLife 

Last Updated ( 22 April 2011 )  


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+1 (Link to this comment) hydr0x 2011-04-22 13:59
I never understood why people want scanlines in their emulators. To me this is a total waste of money. Scanlines are not accurate, they're just the try to reproduce a shortcoming of old hardware. It's like artificially adding cracks and whistles to your MP3 to replicate worn LP sounds. Might just be me though :-?
(Link to this comment) Emuaust 2011-04-22 19:36
YES, thank you hydr0x, I have seen this pop up on forums and websites everywhere and thought that I was the only one who saw it as a waste of money, why the hell you would want scanlines is a puzzle to me.
(Link to this comment) AndyHazz 2011-04-23 22:05
Scanlines act a bit like anti-aliasing, and the games will have been designed/playtested and first experienced on displays that exhibited scanlines ... so that's why some people might want them back - still, it's just personal preference.
(Link to this comment) o1s1n 2011-05-29 22:00
Old games need scanlines. It's one of the main reasons they look so good on a CRT and look god awful on an LCD. Without scanlines on an LCD it looks like lego blocks.

Also, one of the main things that makes a low res arcade monitor look like an arcade monitor is the scanlines. That's why it's so good to have one of these for the Dreamcast, as the arcade shooters and fighters will be a lot more authentic.

Have you seen a MAME cab where someone just put an LCD panel in an old JAMMA cab? it doesnt look like an arcade machine as it's missing scanlines.

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