Sega Reviving Mega CD Classic Sonic CD For Modern Platforms

Sega-Reviving-Mega-CD-Sonic-CD-For-Modern-PlatformsFollowing on from various rumours and suggestions earlier this week, Sega have confirmed that the famous Blue Hedgehog is set to revisit one of his past adventures. Sonic CD is set to be re-released across a wide range of platforms in the near future, with a plethora of promise for retro gamers.

Out of all the 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games, the breakaway Sonic CD is the love-it-or-hate-it adventure which dared to be different. Although many didn't warm to the time travelling elements, there is little argument against how solid the level design of the Mega CD classic is.

The re-release arriving 'This Holiday' is expected to appear on just about every modern platform available, such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 7 Devices. Not only is the wide range of platforms worth noting, but also the fact that Sega has clearly listened to the feedback from Sonic fans and retro gamers. This version of Sonic CD is not only set to ship with the incredible Euro/Japanese soundtrack (instead of the botched US Sonic CD soundtrack), but also as the full 60hz border free version (as confirmed by SonicRetro's post).

Sonic CD Re-Release Trailer

And if the 1993 nostalgia isn't kicking in yet, how about a helping of Sonic Boom?

Last Updated ( 25 August 2011 )  


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(Link to this comment) Tyron 2011-08-25 20:39
One of those games I've not played. Might get it on PS3. This could push the price down on eBay for the original MD CD versions. Wonder if the same happened when Chrono Trigger was released on DS?
(Link to this comment) JoeMD 2011-08-26 03:36
The Sega blog also says it'll be available as a PC download -
(Link to this comment) gunstarhero 2011-08-26 06:06
For me, Sonic CD is the second best Sonic game ever released (after the original Sonic 1 on the MD). great game. Third fave is the Neo Geo pocket color Sonic release
(Link to this comment) Farzlepot 2011-08-31 23:55
If this is a Marmote game, I'm afraid I'm in the 'hate' category.

Well not really hate, I just never got on with it. The time travel elements were pretty genius as a concept, but I wasn't a fan of the execution. Which is odd, because I normally love everything two-dimensional Sonic.
(Link to this comment) MegaDrive20XX 2011-09-03 23:15
Sonic BOOOOOM!! SONIC BOOOM! Wait a minute...nevermind...I mean "SUPER SONIC WARRIOR!" :D
(Link to this comment) sewer shark 2011-09-10 20:44
its about time sega, this for me is the second best sonic game sega has ever released after sonic 2 it has great replay value as you can travel through time so there is lots of levels to explore, i will be getting this on xbox even though i own the original which is in mint condition i will look forward to it lets hope they dont mess it up and hope the original european soundtrack is also included.

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