Sega Game Gear Flash Card: Everdrive GG now available

Everdrive-GG-flash-cartridge-for-Sega-GameGear-with-Micro-SD-interfaceKrikzz is it at it again. Just a month ago the talented flash cart maker brought us the Sega Master System equivalent; the Master Everdrive. This time round, Krikzz has made sure the portable sibling of the Master System, the Sega Game Gear, is also capable of loading the full set of ROMs.

Although the Sega Game Gear was almost identical to the Master System, it offered a much more smaller library of games. However this selection of games out lived its console counterpart as it continued to be sold right up to the days of the Sega Saturn. With early releases matching the output of the Sega Master System, the 8-bit handheld eventually saw newer releases such as Virtua Fighter Animation, Sonic Blast and even a portable version of the Sega Saturn puzzler; Baku Baku.

Many gamers have been left in the dark where the Game Gear has been concerned. With the Nintendo Game Boy having TV out devices such as the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player, the Game Gear has always had to remain on the small and blurry LCD screen. While there was an adapter to play Master System games on the Game Gear, there was never any device to reverse the process (due to the Game Gear using a much richer colour library).

However none of this should matter any more as new life is thrown into the Game Gear with Krikzz's Everdrive GG flash cartridge. Coming with a built in Micro SD slot capable of reading up to 2gb memory cards, you'll be laughing knowing the entire library of Game Gear ROMs is no more than 100mb zipped up. Whoever said having an entire release selection on one cartridge was impossible, might want to reconsider their choice of words...

Everdrive GG in action

But with such great news also comes a portion of bad news. The device went on sale at online supplier RetroGate just 4 days ago and is already proudly showcasing the words 'Sold Out'. Hopefully we will be able to update you again shortly with news of the device being back in stock and a review of the product in action.

And Krikzz, should you be reading... We live in hope that you'll consider building flash cards for the Wonderswan, PC Engine and Neo Geo Pocket!

Link: Everdrive GG page at Krikzz's Website
Link: Buy Everdrive GG from RetroGate

Last Updated ( 27 March 2011 )  


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(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2011-03-27 23:36
I'd pull my front teeth out for a WonderSwan flash card.

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