Sega Dreamcast HDMI Adapter Add-On Coming Soon

Dreamcast-HDMI-Adapter-In-DevelopmentAs a retro gamer you will have no doubt in your gaming life encountered troubles trying to get an older console to run on a modern display. From no signal whatsoever to disappointing quality, the sad reality is that our gaming past isn't built for HD Televisions - or is it? A new adapter is currently in development to bring a HDMI out port to the Sega Dreamcast, and potentially other consoles too.

As of recent YouTube user electronash has been uploading a selection of videos displaying his efforts to bring retro consoles up to scratch with modern standards in terms of display. Using a custom built FPGA and HDMI Transmitter board, this add-on to the Dreamcast sits beneath the console's disc drive, providing a new port on the reverse of the system. Taking a direct feed from the console's video and audio output, a crisp 640x480 signal is sent outwards in a format compatible with just about any HDTV.

As you'd expect, the results are rather fantastic - something shown this time round with Daytona USA. Other videos on electronash's YouTube channel show similar efforts underway with the GameCube and Nintendo 64. But if that wasn't enough already, in the description for this latest tech demo is something really promising - the fact that electronash believes this new creation may soon be suitable for a wide ranger of other consoles, and potentially handhelds too.

While no release date nor price have been announced for this board, be sure to keep a close eye on electronash's on-going developments through his YouTube channel.

Sega Dreamcast HDMI Modification In Action

Link: electronash on YouTube

Source: Dreamcast News

Last Updated ( 06 April 2015 )  


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