[Event] Retrospelsmässan - May 16th (Gothenburg, Sweden)

retrospelsmassan 2014While the United Kingdom has been enjoying a vast array of retro gaming events, it would also appear that the rest of Europe has been too. Since 2010 there has been a yearly retro gaming convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, called Retrospelsmässan (“Retrospel” means retro games and “Mässa” means exhibition in Swedish) which has grown bigger and bigger each year - so much so it might be worth the flight over.

The group of people organizing Retrospelsmässan (RSM) are retro gaming enthusiasts that have created a non-profit association. The event has grown incredibly popular though, and an increasing amount of people from all around Scandinavia are travelling to RSM each year. The RSM has a good mix of everything retro gaming related. You can try out a vast variety of consoles from the 70’s through to the 90’s and there’s an arcade corner with loads of cabinets and pinball machines to play on. They also host competitions, this year it’s going to be Super Mario Bros on the NES, Bomberman on Sega Saturn and Asteroids on arcade. The convention is always packed with cosplayers and they also host a cosplay competition each year.


This year RSM will have even more indie developers showcasing their games than previous years, you’ll get to see games such as Alwa’s Awakening, else.Heartbreack(), The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human and 1993 Space Machine! There will also be a special section at RSM for Speedruns where a team of gamers have a live show of speedrunning certain games. This year 13 games will be tackled at speed, all of which you can see in advance on the RSM section of speedruns.

Apart from all of this there’s also loads of vendors selling all kinds of retro gaming goodness from games to consoles and everything inbetween. There’s also a creative corner featuring retro gaming art and collections on display, along with a bunch of other interesting projects to see. While Gothenburg may be quite the trip, it might just be worth it for the die-hard retro gamers amongst us.

Link: Retrospelsmässan Official Website

Last Updated ( 14 May 2015 )  


Heidi is an avid game collectress, collecting all the retro video games she never got as a kid (yes she was deprived of gaming as a child!!). This together with her OCD for hoarding has lead to an enormous collection of almost every retro gaming system out there. She's spreading her love for retro games all over the internet through her blog :)

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See you there! :D

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