[Event Competition] RetroCollect's King Of Fighters #RCKOF

RCKOFAre you RetroCollect's King Of Fighters? Bad Enough to Enter The Dragon tournament? Do you have that Samurai Spirit or are you a Ninja Master? Maybe you're ready to become King Of The Iron Fist, or one of those World Heroes! Just remember the 1st rule: Don't, don't talk about our RetroCollect Fight Club or #RCKOF!


A series of fast paced SINGLE round eliminators taking place on elusive fighting games at each stage, mean you will never truly know the challenges that lay ahead for you on your path to victory. This should also keep you En Garde for the culmination of the best of 3 FINAL bouts!


Being a tournament there are Strictly Limited Places. The first of these finite entry slots can be preliminary reserved online per event (more info on this under Martial Law's Disciplines).


The beatdowns will only be taking place in the various events that RetroCollect attend throughout the year, including:


If you want to choose your destiny? Let us know here or via twitter with the following unlock codes!

  • @RetroCollect #RCKOF #ROM
  • @RetroCollect #RCKOF #PlayBlackpool @ReplayEvents
  • @RetroCollect #RCKOF #LAGC2014 @LondonAnimeCon
  • @RetroCollect #RCKOF #NERG @NERGOfficial
  • @RetroCollect #RCKOF #PlayExpo

Martial Law's Disciplines*

Reserved Entry slots must be confirmed at the RetroCollect Station by the event specific stated time (see RetroCollect announcements). SINGLE round eliminators, best of 1 round.*Only RetroCollect supplied controllers are permitted. *Any No shows during the 1st stage? Equate to "Here Comes A New Challenger!" audience opportunity for participation.*No new challenger = TKO defending party WINS!*No new challenger or Defending party = RetroCollect Substitute!*Provisional time slots will be allocated for expected times from the 2nd stage onwards.*RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT: From the 2nd stage onwards, a No show on your 1st call will start a 1 minute timer (Danger Zone). If you are not present at the end of the countdown you will be classed as TKO'd & the waiting challenger will take the round.*Challengers will be randomly allocated slots per stage by RetroCollect up until the final stage, to ensure there is no foul play.

8 Player #RCKOF example:

Eliminators Stage 8 Players, 4 Matches, 4 Winners.Best of 1 Round of Tekken 2

Semi Stage 4 Players, 2 Matches, 2 Winners.Best of 1 Round of Street Fighter 2

Final Round! 2 Players, 1 Match, 1 Champ.Best of 3 Rounds of Last Blade

Everyone likes a good old pixel punch up no? So fighters now is the time to beat your way into the RetroCollect Hall Of Victory! Who's in?

Last Updated ( 02 April 2014 )  


Katsu is RetroCollect's indestructible bullet hell spaceship! With a love of all things Shmup, Fighting, Arcade & 2D. When he's not out delivering retro related challenges at gaming events? He'll most likely be scouring the site or twitter, whilst playing 4 Pokémon games simultaneously!?

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(Link to this comment) addaz130587 2014-04-12 18:27
is there still places coz i want in @RetroCollect #RCKOF #NERG @NERGOfficial

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