RetroCollect Video Game Database Update: NTSC Parity


Another RetroCollect anniversary is coming up! Needless to say, we wanted to achieve a milestone for it and offer something special for you. We had lots of inquiries about missing US sections so we are pleased to announce that we are finally closing the final gaps between the PAL and NTSC databases...

There were still several systems that we cover in our database with a European release list missing their US counterparts. This is now a thing of the past. Today's update, which has actually been rolled out gradually over the last few weeks, adds almost 4000 games to our database making it one of our largest updates to date.

So, which systems have been added exactly? By far the most commonly requested US databases have been the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Thanks to fellow user Atsumer, the massive Wii database with over 1200 games has been added. And just like his European database, it contains detailed variant data. The Nintendo DS US library is another whopper, counting more than 1700 releases. Be sure to check out which games are exclusive to the US and European libraries respectively. And don't forget the DSi exclusives!

Of course, not everyone collects Nintendo games. Our Sega database was already complete, but we have added the Sony PlayStation Portable US set, which comes in at slightly over 600 releases. Not too shabby! You like it more obscure? Well, then the Philips CD-i database is probably for you. We already tracked exclusive US games before, but have now added every US game. Still not obscure enough? Look no further than the Brazilian version of the Mega Duck, the Cougar Boy. Let's see who will be the first to add a game for this system to his collection.

We've also added one worldwide mail-order release for the Nintendo DS, the Kickstarter-financed Diamond Trust of London, which was officially licensed by Nintendo. Other than that, we have added local variants to the Interton VC4000 games and added a dozen games for this system only released for its regional variants by Acetronic, Voltmace, Rowtron and TRQ.

This update will be the last one with a news post before we (finally!) launch the new database format. Yes, it is indeed happening. Look forward to updates on this very soon. 

Link: RetroCollect Video Game Database

Last Updated ( 05 December 2017 )  

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