RetroCollect Video Game Database Update: Nintendo GameCube & Wii Game Variants


While things have been a bit quiet lately when it comes to database updates, there are still some updates left before we relaunch with the improved database. One such update was adding regional variants of European Wii and GameCube games...

The Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii have been part of our database for a while. However, for both systems the European game lists did not contain detailed data regarding which editions and regional variants of games exist. This is an essential detail though, not only for the new database but also for every user. Only with this level of detail is it possible to show cover differences between regions. Today's update resolves this problem and adds regional variants to both systems. They are not complete, but for the GameCube the three major markets  (UK, Germany, France) should be covered and for the Wii there are a lot of variants even for smaller markets like the Netherlands, Finland or even Russia. You can already see what extra value adding variants provides by checking out some games with cover variants like Dark Summit.

Please thank fellow member Atsumer for his hard work on the Wii variants, a truly herculean effort. There are still regions missing, but you will eventually be able to fill these gaps yourselves once the contribution system for the new database launches.

But, this update does not only add variants, of course, we also plugged some holes in the database. Again, it's the Nintendo Wii which gets an update. We had not yet added the games released in late 2016 for it, which has now been remedied. But, there's more. Believe it or not, but the Wii is getting some new games this holiday season as well. Of course, it's the usual dancing and karaoke fair, but as they have been released this month, you can now find them in our database.

We also added two more European games for the Worlds of Wonder Action Max, recently discovered by fellow community member Schlibbylibby.

Link: RetroCollect Video Game Database

Last Updated ( 22 October 2017 )  


(Link to this comment) Schlibbylibby 2017-10-22 16:43
Good stuff Jan. I'll have to have a look through my cube and Wii stuff now and see if any of the uk scans are missing
(Link to this comment) Johnny 2017-10-24 05:44
I'm glad to see the database is still growing, good work. Also I'd lke to know more about this upcoming contribution system
(Link to this comment) The p 2017-11-09 20:09
Me too contributing system, new possibilities adding a picture from the google and adding it too the database could be a piece of cake

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