RetroCollect Video Game Database Update: Nintendo DS

Video-Game-Database-Update-Nintendo-DSIf there is one update to our Video Game Database that you have been asking for a lot, it is certainly adding the Nintendo DS. Well, the day has finally come, you can start tracking your DS collections right now! Continue reading to find out how many games there are for the DS and more.

The Nintendo DS launched in late 2004, although Europe didn't get it until March 2005 (thanks, Nintendo!). Despite being written off by a lot of people right from the start (Two screens? A touch screen? 256x192?) and having great competition in form of the Sony PlayStation Portable, the system proved to be an unprecedented success. Not only did it manage to easily outsell and outlast the more powerful PSP, it also broke the Game Boy's sales record and started the modern casual game phenomenon.

This popularity has a downside though when it comes to collecting: the sheer number of games, especially casual ones. The DS production was discontinued in 2013, but new games kept turning up until January 2015 with Big Hero 6 by GSP being the final individual release in Europe. The total number of distinct retail games is 2074, although there is also a mail-order exclusive, an application and lots of bundles and compilations. And then, of course, there are the four Nintendo DSi exclusive games, which are listed under that platform.

The extended lifetime of the DS prevented us from adding the system earlier, but we tried to make the wait worth it. Not only is our new European DS list the first full database of European and Australian releases, it also contains lots of data you won't find elsewhere.

Accurate alternate titles and detailed release countries make it easy to see exactly which games you need to import from where for a full set. And trust us, there has been no other system yet with so many releases being exclusive to such small markets. As European collectors, we are used to games being exclusive to Spain or Italy, and aware of how hard these can be to track down. But Danish exclusives? Dutch? Well, that's a whole new ball game!

But we also added fully researched developer data. Ever wanted to know who developed those 505 Games releases? Wanted to see the full (and partially embarrassing!) line-up of fan darling WayForward? Well, you can do so now. This also makes it much easier to spot potential hidden quirky Japanese gems among the vast library. But even if you're interested in extremely casual releases like the Imagine series, you can tell exactly which studio did which of those games (and marvel at the number of Ubisoft casual game studios!).

Of course, with such a huge library, the data can't be perfect from the start. We'll be adding more release dates and genres in the near future, but in the meantime, you can help this part of our database by contributing scans of your games and making the search results look so much nicer!

As with every update, we've also amended and added lots of data for other systems, as well as added games who's existence wasn't discovered until recently. This time around, those games would be a European version of Defender for the ColecoVision and another obscure Philips CD-i title from the Netherlands, Lekker Lezen over Huisdieren, which contains a small quiz game.

We're looking forward to seeing just how many of you own lots of DS games, and we're sure you'll be eager to show off your collections as well, so please share them with us in the comments!

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Last Updated ( 23 October 2016 )  

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