Retroactive Announce Nintendo 64 HDMI Converter Due For Release Soon

Nintendo-64-HDMI-Converter-AnnouncedAs technology pushes on, retro gamers are more than happy to stay put with their beloved consoles and classics of yesteryear. While this is all well and good, televisions today are anything but friendly with these older platforms, often presenting our favourites in a sea of smudgy visuals. In an attempt to remedy this issue, a retro gaming manufacturer has begun work on a HDMI out board for the Nintendo 64.

Retroactive, who are more commonly known for their CompactFlash ready Nintendo 64 flash cartridge, are the brains behind this promising new hardware. The Nintendo 64 HDMI Converter will upscale the console's video output to a more suitable format for modern LCD televisions and monitors.

As fantastic as this project is, it does come with two slight frustrations. The first of these is that the Nintendo 64 HDMI Converter is not yet available, although Retroactive have created a mailing list for those wanting to get further updates. The second of these is that this new hardware is anything but plug-n-play - a lot of patience and careful soldering will be required.

The Nintendo 64 HDMI Converter is expected to be available sometime this quarter, although no price tag has been set as of yet.

Link: Retroactive's Nintendo 64 HDMI Converter



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(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2014-02-28 18:09
Quite interesting.. the description says it "Takes raw digital output from the N64, bypassing the analog output completely. This makes it compatible with every N64 ever made.". At the very least this gives an easy upgrade path to RGB, but questions remain on how the image is converted from 240/288p to 480p or higher, since HDMI cannot display 240p. Well, I shall look forward to evaluating one :)
(Link to this comment) tcdev 2014-03-02 03:07
Quoting BuckoA51:
but questions remain on how the image is converted from 240/288p to 480p or higher, since HDMI cannot display 240p.

Looks to me like a DRAM chip on there, which means a frame buffer. Hard to tell but I suspect that's also an FPGA (especially considering what looks suspiciously like a JTAG connector). That combination allows you to do all sorts of processing such as up-scaling. And if you have the memory bandwidth for a triple buffer, then you can also do 50-60Hz conversion. FTR Altera (FPGA vendor) have a video IP core ready-made for this application.
(Link to this comment) Marsmite 2014-02-28 18:35
Interesting stuff. I'll get this if the price is right.

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