Retro Bargain: Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles (Sega Dreamcast Homebrew)

WindAndWater30If the name Yuan Works doesn't ring a bell or you don't yet own Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles on the Sega Dreamcast, keep reading. The publisher is currently offering 30% off  making it a must have purchase for any puzzle gamer.

Taking note of Puzzle Bobble, Tetris Attack and Bejewelled, Yuan Work's homebrew game; Wind and Water manages to somehow combine the mechanisims of these iconic puzzle games and create something unique. Requiring you to match at least four of the same coloured tiles in a plus (+) shape, destroying those tiles and any other similar touching tiles. Wind and Water on paper sounds a doddle, but will be challenging even for the most advanced gamers around.

The game also manages to include a full mini map driven story mode, featuring different challenges using the games rules, also putting you up against a characterised VMU (Visual Memory Unit, Sega Dreamcast Memory Card) and various mini games including an addictive driving game.

Wind and Water Gameplay Video

After watching the gameplay video, one thing becomes rather apparent. Yuan Works are without a doubt incredibly talented pixel artists. Their unique style really adds a lot of charm to this already desirable game.

Originally making it's debut on the Gamepark GP2X, Wind and Water has been around since August 2007 as one of the few commercial releases for the handheld. Released as a download only game, it can still be purchased from the official GP2X Wind and Water website.

WWCauterizeThe Costa Rican developers added some real nice touches to the GP2X version of the game, offering a custom sprite of yourself for a few more dollars. As seen the left, we have a Cauterize sprite, drawn by Yuan Works from a photo of Cauterize himself.

What makes this touch even nicer is that all of the custom sprites created for GP2X owners were bundled into the Dreamcast release, allowing previous owners of the game to continue on with their custom version. Yuan Works are still offering custom sprites for the GP2X version, however they won't be included in the Dreamcast version.

So, if you don't already have Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, we highly recommend you head on over to RedSpotGames and make a purchase. As stated earlier by this post, the publishers are currently offering 30% off the game this month, bringing it down to the low cost of €16.99.

Link: Buy Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles from RedSpotGames

Link: Official Wind and Water Website



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