realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Links Onto Steam and iOS


Myst, the seminal adventure game from Cyan Worlds, has received a re-make in the form of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition that improves on the original in every way. Available now on both Steam and iOS, if you've never experienced this brilliant piece of digital creativity there is no better time to do so! 


 Myst is no stranger to remakes. In 2000 Cyan Worlds released Myst: Masterpiece Edition, an improved version of the original game that brought it up-to-date with the then current technology. That same year the original realMyst saw release, a complete 3D remake allowing players to explore the island of Myst and its Ages like never before. Now, some 14 years later, realMyst has recieved the Masterpiece Edition treatment featuring a slew of improvements and additions.

If you've never played Myst, the game can be described as a cerebral fantasy filled with a deep story, challenging puzzles and an almost meditative-like exploration through some of the most beautiful video game landscapes created. Released the same year as another, albeit completely different, video game classic, DoomMyst has been accused of being too simple with it's static, flick-screen worlds (the only possible way to achieve the realism Cyan wanted with 1993 technology) by those that prefer id's title. However, supporters of Myst argue that those who feel this way have missed the point of MystMyst is all about the experience of playing, of being in those worlds. While there is a story and a plot, the real joy of Myst is simply in exploring and immersing yourself in the beautiful worlds you can visit.

Those worlds are now more real than ever thanks to realMyst: Masterpiece Edition's enhancements. Everything from the original realMyst is here, including the 'bonus' Age of Rime. The game has been given a boost with modern-day tech such as bloom effect, depth of field and some truly amazing water physics. This time around explorers are provided with a flashlight to illuminate those darker areas and players can choose between both free-roam or classic point-and-click navigation. In a rather novel idea, you will also have the ability to at any time press a button to see what the original Myst looked like at any point in the game, interesting for those of use who get off on the history of games. Also, like any modern adventure game, realMyst: ME will feature a hint book, which is sure to come in handy for those who may have found Myst's puzzles off putting the first time around.

No matter how you look at it, Myst is one of the most important video games in our medium's history. If you have never experiences it you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. If you passed Myst off as simply pretty images strung together with puzzles, now is the perfect time to discover its brilliance. If you have played Myst before, then there is no better way to re-visit those eerily beautiful worlds than with realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition on Steam

realyst: Masterpiece Edition for iOS. 

Last Updated ( 06 February 2014 )  

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