PSX2Mega Build-It-Yourself Adapter to Plug PlayStation Pads Into Your Sega Mega Drive

PSX2MegaEvery single gamer out there has a different preference in gamepads. Most will flock to the Super Nintendo's precise control pad, whilst many others swear upon the Sega Saturn's. Either way, many will agree that the PlayStation's very own digital pad is fantastic - something you can now enjoy on your Sega Mega Drive.

As much as we'd love to just plug in any old control pad to any console, things aren't that simple (or as simple as the likes of the Commodore/Atari/Master System's - mostly - universal 9-pin D-SUB connections). Nevertheless various adapters out there exist to use our preference on another console. Take for example the fantastic range of adapters RetroZone has produced to allow you to connect a whole host of devices to your PC via USB.

One adapter, at least by someone else's opinion, has been missing for quite some time - one which allows you to connect Sony's range of PlayStation controllers to the Sega Mega Drive.

The PSX2Mega is an all new build-it-yourself adapter which has been put together and documented online by a French console modifier. While the process and tools required to build this adapter are sadly out of a lot of gamer's scope (such as programming PIC chips), the more experienced amongst us can look towards sculpting these from a small range of components.

Link: Build A PSX2Mega (PlayStation Pad Adapter for Mega Drive)

Source: Allgamers

Last Updated ( 25 July 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) CraZyEddy2010 2013-07-25 20:54
Can someone please translate the article from french to english please?!
(Link to this comment) Adam Hoare 2013-07-26 00:26
my favourite console (The Megadrive)and my favourite pad (The Original Playstation without anolog)
II need this in my life but wouldn't know where to start
sum1 p[lease build me 1
(Link to this comment) CraZyEddy2010 2013-07-26 12:24
I mean this text here fromt he Link:

"Salut à tous,

Une des meilleures consoles pour les "shoot'em up" est bien entendu la megadrive (après la PC engine bien sur).

Je souhaitai utiliser un pad arcade PSX avec une megadrive, ce qui evidemment n'existe pas a priori dans le commerce.

L'adaptateur que je vous propose est un travail dérivé de celui de Thomas Kirk (merci à lui au passage) qui avait concu le sien pour relier une manette PSX a un amiga ou un atari 2600.

Voici les composants necessaires a la réalisation de cet adaptateur :
- PIC16F819
- 2 LEDs (optional)
- 3 resistors
- 1 DB9 female
- 1 PSX female connector (i used an extention cable for PSX).

Une photo de mon prototype (tres moche :))"
(Link to this comment) TwoHeadedBoy 2013-07-26 22:41
Now why would anyone want to spoil the best console ever made with the worst controller ever made?

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