PSIO ‘SD Card ISO Loader’ For PlayStation 1 Beta Testing Begins

PSIO-Beta-OpensOver the last few years a small group of dedicated PlayStation fans have been working away on a new device known as the PSIO. This parallel port cartridge is set to offer Sony’s first console the ability to load games from an SD card, without a single disc in sight. Having made considerable progress this year, the team have begun shipping out test units to supporters as part of a beta - one which has already proven the device’s worth.

As part of this beta test, supporters have been given the permission to share any footage or opinions on the device and what it brings to the table. Two recent uploads to YouTube showing the SD card adapter in action - one from a supporter and one from the PSIO team - have left us speechless. Not only does the PSIO provide a fantastic menu driven approach to loading games from removable media, but it also improves the overall load times too.

This speedy enhancement has been demonstrated by showing side-by-side recordings of a standard PlayStation loading Gran Turismo alongside one booting the game through PSIO. Just moments into the video the PSIO left the competition at the starting line, getting a massive sixteen second head start on an unmodified PlayStation 1 reading game discs.

Set to retail at $149 Australian Dollars upon release, it’s also worth mentioning that the beta test has brought around the unexpected arrival of a slight modification needed to the console beforehand. A small switchboard needs to be soldered onto the PlayStation’s mainboard (along with cuts to be made in specific places) in order to get the PSIO working. Those not too confident with hacking hardware though can purchase pre-modified boards/consoles ready for use too.

PSIO (PlayStation 1 SD Card Loader) Beta Installation

PSIO (PlayStation 1 SD Card Loader) Speed Comparison

Link: Official PSIO (PlayStation 1 SD Card Loader) Website

Last Updated ( 10 November 2015 )  


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