Nintendo Entertainment System Visual Compendium Kickstarter Smashes Fundraising Target


The Nintendo NES is perhaps one of the most influential consoles to date, and there’s just no way to deny that. Many classic and acclaimed franchises were born from this 8-bit juggernaut, and the video game industry saw a huge rise in blockbuster releases following Nintendo's Seal of Quality. Because of this and many other reasons, the console is a strong favourite among retro gamers today and many fan projects have since surged in tribute to it. Retro book publishers Bitmap Books return once more to take us through a Kickstarter campaign to fund an art compendium book of the Nintendo NES/Famicom.

The book will offer a visual snapshot of the best games, developers, box art and product design available for everything from the 8-bit Nintendo family. Since this is a kickstarter campaign, the stretch goals of the book itself change constantly depending on the amount of support it gets before the fundraiser gets. Needless to say the support has been through the roof so currently all books should include 402 pages from which 4 of them will be gatefold pages, will use metallic inks, include bookmark ribbons, will come with an exclusive 10-track CD with chiptunes from Chibi-Tech and will come with a Disk-Kun vinyl sticker. 

Make sure you check out the official video of the campaign, since words can't convey what's on offer with this fundraiser.

Nintendo Entertainment System Visual Compendium Kickstarter Trailer

Last Updated ( 10 June 2016 )  

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