Project Unity Fan-Mod Combines 15 Retro Consoles Into One Unit - And You Can Build One, Too


Hardware modifier Bacteria has well and truly outdone himself this time, squeezing a massive fifteen retro consoles into one wonderful unit - and has even built a set of comprehensive how-to's so you can build one yourself.

When we first featured Project Unity it was nothing more than a mass of wires and components, however, a year down the line Bacteria has finally arrived at something more complete. 

The "Swiss army knife" of consoles houses a mind-blowing array of vintage Sega, Nintendo, Sony and other rose-tinted systems - all run from one power supply, and displaying through one SCART lead.  While there are fifteen different systems in the unit itself, the console is technically capable of playing eighteen different formats - thanks to the backward compatibility of some systems.  It even has a bespoke controller housing sixteen buttons, three thumbsticks and a d-pad (although not being able to use the original controllers may detract from the experience for some).

While Project Unity is strictly not for sale (as it weighs in at 44 pounds, and cost around £700 to make - not to mention the 3500 hours spent putting the monster together) - Bacteria has absolutely no problem with providing would-be modders the know-how to make one themselves.  There are a bunch of guides on his website that will help you on your way but i think it safe to say that for the average retro gamer this is something to simply marvel at.

Bacteria's Project Unity in action

Link: Made by Bacteria

Last Updated ( 13 April 2013 )  


(Link to this comment) Lord_Santa 2013-04-13 20:21
I remember when he first announced this back on the Racketboy forums, called 'The Alpha & The Omega' back then, and was supposed to have the Amiga CD32, as well

been following up on his progress from time-to-time, but never thought he'd pull it off 'this fast'
sure, three years and thousands of hours is perhaps a long time, but in all honesty, considering all the wiring and everything else, I am simply in awe at how one man was able to create this within a lifetime

it may not be the 'most useful' build out there, but it's one hell of an impressive feat and will surely earn him a place within modding and retro-communities for all time

well done
(Link to this comment) NufcDazzla 2013-04-13 21:33
That has to be the most incredible modding project i've ever seen. Its the sort of piece of kit I think every retro gaming enthusiast has dreamed about..

Brilliant job Bacteria ;-)
(Link to this comment) mainvein 2013-04-15 00:08
just amazing! only thing is that it looks like its missing 2 player support or am i being blind?

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