Aero Fighters 3 - The Previously Undiscovered And Now Rarest US Neo Geo AES Game Found

Previously-Undiscovered-Rarest-US-Neo-Geo-AES-Game-Aero-Fighters-3-FoundWe're all aware of how much money Neo Geo AES games can command, after all there are two notable European titles (Kizuna Encounter and Ultimate 11: Super Sidekicks 4) which have supposedly sold for five figures each. These two rarities are now somewhat shadowed as a previously thought to be unreleased title, Aero Fighters 3, has surfaced.

Despite there being a much easier to obtain Japanese version of the game known as Sonic Wings 3, the arrival of the US version of Aero Fighters 3 has shaken the entire foundations of the Neo Geo collecting community.

Neo Geo collecting veteran TonK over at the Neo-Geo forums recently revealed all regarding this incredible discovery. According to his post, TonK had contact from a rather interested individual eager to learn a bit more about the current state of SNK's legacy. After a bit of discussion, this lead the previously unnamed person to reveal himself as being an ex-SNK employee from back in the day.

This new found link to Neo Geo's past soon lead TonK down many interesting avenues, however, it wasn't until this ex-employee looked over the Neo Geo AES rarity guide only to ask 'Where is Aero Fighters 3?'. Despite being told it never saw release, this individual convinced it had passed through his hands began searching his storage to prove otherwise.

The search at first didn't prove too successful, but after checking over his stock one last time, not only one, but three copies of the new holy grail of Neo Geo AES US collection were born. TonK, however, was not convinced. After all the game had been missing in action all this time and understandably the mass of bootleg Neo Geo games out there would make anyone sceptical. After getting a few extra eyes to check over this discover, the Neo Geo community welcomed this new addition to the library, potentially becoming the rarest Neo Geo AES game ever 'released'.

Since its discovery, one copy has sold for a considerable amount topping the estimated value of Kizuna Encounter and Ultimate 11: Super Sidekicks 4 combined. The remaining spare copy in TonK's possession is up for grabs, but only to those willing to takeout a second mortgage.

UPDATE: Aero Fighters 3 may not be an authentic release after all...

Link: Aero Fighters 3 Neo Geo AES US Cartridge Discovery

Last Updated ( 06 August 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) Ewokmic 2012-03-05 23:23
Wow, I LOVE these stories. After years of visiting car boot sales I always wonder what gems I may have walked past without realising.
(Link to this comment) Tepid Snake 2012-03-05 23:37
Neo-Geo collector stories are the best stories. The stakes always seem so much higher (must be the size of the carts).

I just hope one of the few owners scans the manual just to see if there's any interesting artwork inside. Have a soft spot for the Aero Fighters series.
(Link to this comment) Tyron 2012-03-06 09:49
Big news indeed! However are the prices justified?

I personally have problems paying £100 for a game. But I supose when I get to 95% of a collection that won't be an issue :lol:
(Link to this comment) hydr0x 2012-03-06 10:29
Well, let's wait and see if anyone is able to proof that their originals and not just great repros. Maybe it's another NGF prank.

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