Pre-Orders Open For The Atari Jaguar Port Of Eric Chahi's Another World (Out Of This World)

Pre-Orders-Open-For-The-Atari-Jaguar-Port-Of-Eric-Chahis-Another-World-Out-Of-This-WorldIn July 2012 an Atari Jaguar port of Another World (Out Of This World) was announced and surprisingly approved by the game's original creator, Eric Chahi. Pre-orders have now opened up for the 64-bit port of the 1991 cinematic platformer, along with a suggested release date.

Unfortunately the pre-ordering process for this homebrew port is somewhat of a concern. With no official website behind the project nor an online automated ordering service, those hoping to gift their Atari Jaguar a new release in the near future will need to transfer funds via PayPal to a specific email address. Something we suggest you do so with care and consideration.

If this wasn't vague enough already, a release has been scheduled for Spring 2013 for €62. While we'd like to assume (given that the picture suggests so) that the game comes with an authentic looking Atari Jaguar packaging, but so little is known about this upcoming release.

For any further information and that all important email address, you're best heading over to the source where news about the Another World Atari Jaguar port originated...

UPDATE: An official website for the Atari Jaguar port of Another World has just opened up, however, the pre-ordering process remains the same.

Link: Pre-order Another World for the Atari Jaguar

Source: Allgamers

Last Updated ( 21 December 2012 )  


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