Pre-Orders Open For Metal Slug Inspired Neo Geo Homebrew ‘Kraut Buster’

Kraut-Buster-Pre-Orders-OpenNot too long ago the NG:DEV.Team revealed their latest title in the works, one drawing heavy inspiration from the much loved Metal Slug series. After several more months in the studio, the homebrew publisher has not only open pre-orders for Kraut Buster on Neo Geo AES and MVS cartridge, but also released a new gameplay trailer showing off the game’s mechanics.

In the same update NG:DEV.Team detailed the differences between Kraut Buster and its inspiration, likening more of its features to that of the Contra series. Offering 8-way directional shooting with aim lock and a rather quirky mask-wearing-system that changes your character’s abilities depending on their appearance, there’s plenty of variation here to excite any fan of the genre. Elsewhere the developers have promised massive 9000 pixel wide landscapes to explore (instead of traditional tile-based worlds), and the ability to cycle between a small handful of weapons you’ve collected on the fly - all of course mixed in with the frantic bullet blasting action we’ve come to know and love.

As a closing note the NG:DEV.Team described Kraut Buster as being more of an unofficial sequel to the Metal Slug series, and one that most Neo Geo gamers don’t want to miss out on. While we very much assume this title will no doubt end up on the Sega Dreamcast at a pocket money price, those looking to blast through this spiritual successor to Metal Slug early will need to part with €399 for the MVS version or €549 for the AES home cartridge.

Kraut Buster (Neo Geo AES Homebrew) Gameplay Trailer

Link: Pre-Order Kraut Buster (Neo Geo AES) at NG:DEV.Direct

Link: Pre-Order Kraut Buster (Neo Geo MVS) at NG:DEV.Direct

Last Updated ( 10 June 2015 )  


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(Link to this comment) thedoitsujin 2015-06-10 12:40
I find that title to be a little bit offensive :D
The Mask upgrade feature seems heavily reminiscent of "Hotline Miami". The art style is beautiful and the game will definitely become a collectors item for at least two times the price i would imagine.

And here i thought my $100 pledge in the "Bloodstained" Kickstarter was a huge investment :lol:

Hopefully they'll also release this on Steam..
(Link to this comment) Panterasion 2015-06-10 22:42
Quoting thedoitsujin:
I find that title to be a little bit offensive :D

NG:DEV.Team is a german developer and they have explained it on one of the social networks why they use the word "Kraut" before but I can't find the explanation at the moment

Quoting thedoitsujin:
Hopefully they'll also release this on Steam.

I think steam may be more likely than dreamcast going off what they've said recently when asked about a dreamcast version on Facebook. which was basically talking about poor sales & piracy of neo xyx
+1 (Link to this comment) thedoitsujin 2015-06-11 06:52
What i said about the title being offensive i said jokingly. I didn't look into it any more than that so i wouldn't know they were also German. They're just playing with stereotypes here by using the word "Kraut" i guess.

A Dreamcast release would be awesome though.
(Link to this comment) Panterasion 2015-06-11 14:21
Sorry, I did realise that you were joking going off the emoji after making that post but in my defence I had read people complaining about it on other sites.
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-06-13 23:52
I just ate some sauerkraut on my Rubin sandwich.

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