Pokemon Gold ROM Hack Reopens Fuchsia City's 'Safari Zone'

Pokemon-Gold-Safari-Zone-ROM-HackYou may be wondering based on the title of this article why would someone reintroduce the Safari Zone into Pokemon Gold. Well this isn’t your regular Safari Zone from other Nintendo Game Boy releases in this franchise, as this zone was added to give you the opportunity to catch all the other Pokemon exclusive to the Silver version of the game.

In this particular ROM hack you can go to Fuchsia City and find a new special spot where the old Safari Zone used to be according to the NPCs and signs found in the city (signs and NPC conversations were modified to tell you that the safari zone has been re-opened).Previous Safari Zone mechanics for other games don’t apply here and it’s not as big as the ones from other versions.

If you were like me, you played the game trying to complete the Pokedex and had no luck finding someone to trade with. Or you could just be interested in trying out this game for the first time via emulation. Whichever reason you have, this fan improvement of the popular GBC game should provide you with the opportunity to get both version exclusive Pokemon without having to trade for them. For those interested, ROMHacking.net is currently hosting a patch to modify your ROM file to this version of the game - once which can be applied through LunarIPS.

Link: Download Pokemon Gold 'Safari Zone' ROM Hack

Last Updated ( 18 May 2016 )  

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