Plug ‘N’ Play Nintendo Gamecube HDMI-Out Modification ‘GCVideo’ Coming Soon

GCVideo-HDMI-Out-Plug-N-Play-Adapter-In-DevelopmentTowards the back end of last year it was revealed that Nintendo Gamecube fans could soon be enjoying the classics through a HDMI out port. Obviously not being a standard part on the console’s motherboard, the GCVideo required some hefty soldering and technical skills to pull off. In the near future, however, the device will be rereleased in a plug ‘n’ play form for those just wanting to get gaming.

Let’s face it, as impressive as some of these modifications online are, for most of us the very thought of opening up a console and performing surgery is frightening. The slightest slip can cause all kinds of damage and leave you with a retro gaming brick. Fully aware of this, the GCVideo - a device to enhance your Gamecube’s video and audio output to be HDMI compliant - is about to provide the ultimate solution for gamers uneasy about modifying their Nintendo Gamecube.

Having already provided the community with a range of modifications to the console over the last few years, the experts at BadAssConsoles are hoping to provide this simpler alternative ‘soon’. In their latest video update, presented via a Ninja Gaiden cutscene, the different versions of the modification available are detailed. The latest of these, the plug ‘n’ play GCVideo aims to simply slot into the Digital AV port of the back of the console, doing all the trickery from there.

While we await further details and the all important release date, here's BadAssConsole's video update detailing the upcoming adapter.

BadAssConsoles GCVideo Plug ‘N’ Play Adapter Revealed

Last Updated ( 20 January 2016 )  


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(Link to this comment) Tyron 2016-01-25 17:41
Cant wait for this!

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