GBA To SNES Adapter: Play Game Boy Advance Cartridges On Your Super Nintendo

GBA-To-SNES-AdapterWith countless ports of 16-bit classics on offer and many bearing resemblance to their console counterparts, it's safe to say that the Game Boy Advance was spiritually a portable Super Nintendo. With this in mind it should come as no surprise that an adapter has been released to play GBA cartridges on the SNES console.

While the Game Boy Advance may have been a more powerful system overall than the Super Nintendo, hardware manufacturers in the Far East have somehow managed to make the two systems compatible. The GBA to SNES Cartridge Adapter, a $29.99 purchase from Tototek, (unofficially) features all of the Game Boy Advance's hardware within, utilising both the power supply and controller ports on the Super Nintendo.

This fantastic introduction to the retro gaming world now means that you can enjoy all the enhanced portable ports of Super Nintendo classics (such as the Super Mario Advance series) whilst using the original (and best) control pad around. How compatible this new device is and how well it handles these titles, however, is something that's yet to be confirmed.

Link: GBA to SNES Adapter on Tototek

Thanks to rj_chap on Twitter for the heads up!

Last Updated ( 28 July 2013 )  


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(Link to this comment) Welshwuff 2013-07-28 18:48
thats weird when the GBA was a 32 bit console....
(Link to this comment) ArugulaZ 2013-07-28 18:54
I'll bet that this is really just Game Boy Advance hardware in a cartridge, and that it only uses the Super NES power supply. A hacker could probably find a way to make this cart work independently of the Super NES, if they could find a way to power it.
+1 (Link to this comment) iPhil91 2013-07-29 07:56
I really want this but I dont know if I cant justify the import... skint at the moment. These will go fast I imagine.
(Link to this comment) flaminsham 2013-07-29 13:02
Very interesting idea. :-)

GBA is essentially the snes at your fingertips, I personally prefer smaller hand held gaming over console probably not of interest to me.
(Link to this comment) RalphUp 2013-07-29 14:17
From the www

version SFC/SNES. But its AV output is NTSC. (Take care)

High quality 3rd party product.
Compatible with most GBA games.
Come with Link Port. - NICE!
Come with a special AV cable. -So it doesn't output AV via the SNES!

so basically its a glorified way to use a TV and SNES Pad on a GBA!
(Link to this comment) Noobish Hat 2013-07-31 03:58
Looks like a cheap alternative to the GC's Game Boy Player...
(Link to this comment) BuckoA51 2013-07-31 10:59
I guess it will have the same drawback as the GBA player on the cube IE stuttery scrolling and 480i output? From the above can we assume it doesn't have RGB support either? :(
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2013-08-04 09:52
When you have to plug in a separate AV cord into the cart it's no surprising feat at all. Rather use my Gameboy Player for GCN
(Link to this comment) underwaterlevel 2013-08-30 13:45
Will this work on a PAL snes on a uk TV? Anyone?

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