Pixel Nation To Release 'Mega Drive: Total' The Ultimate Guide To Sega's 16-Bit Console

Pixel-Nation-To-Release-Mega-Drive-Total-The-Ultimate-Guide-To-Segas-16-Bit-ConsoleHopefully by now you've all secured a copy of Pixel Nation Publishing's fantastic self titled book release- Pixel Nation. The team behind the independently run publisher are now putting together Mega Drive: Total, the ultimate guide to the Sega Mega Drive, delving into the history of the console, every game ever released, and much much more.

Knowing how much there is to cover where Sega's 16-bit console is concerned, Pixel Nation are planning to release a few volumes under the Mega Drive: Total name. With the first book set to open up the series, you can expect to see plenty of Mega Drive action before the later volumes work their way up to the Sega Mega CD and fabled 32X.

Pixel Nation's Mega Drive: Total Press Release

Pixel Nation Publishing presents Mega Drive: Total Volume One

The Sega Mega Drive is one of the most iconic and fondly remembered video game platforms of all time. Coming soon, a deluxe collectible book series that will be the world's most complete and leading source of information on Sega's classic and beloved 16-bit console.  Taking in over 900 Sega Mega Drive game titles, hundreds of Mega-CD and 32X games, and including a complete guide to hardware and accessories, the Mega Drive: Total series of books will be an unmissable, beautiful reference and collectors guide.

The series will be split into several volumes, to ensure we can give the most in depth content ever created for the console, with each volume containing roughly 180 pages of full colour glossy print. Pre-order your copy today!

Volume One covers nearly 300 games with statistics, game overviews and using over 1,000 illustrations and pictures.  Just take a look at our design concept pages for a preview of what we have in store. A must for any Genesis/Mega Drive collector.

Release Date - July  2012

Pixel Nation have opened up pre-orders for Mega Drive: Total, costing just £15.99 a copy.

Link: Pre-Order Mega Drive: Total at Pixel Nation

Last Updated ( 18 April 2012 )  


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(Link to this comment) ninjabearhug 2012-04-19 06:11
I was interested in this for obvious reasons, but then I checked the sample pages to see what the content was like and noticed the title screenshots for Addams Family and Addams Family Values were mixed up. I hope that this isn't the standard we can expect from this...
(Link to this comment) JoeMD 2012-04-23 04:31
This looks pretty cool. May have to get this!
(Link to this comment) cannonfodder64 2012-04-30 21:34
I don't own any Sega consoles, but I'm still interested in this.
(Link to this comment) Lano 2012-12-26 10:57
December and still not released ... :)

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