Piko Interactive Announce 7 New Cartridge Releases For Nintendo NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive & Jaguar

Piko-Interactive-Winter-2016-Line-UpOne of the best aspects of the retro gaming scene today is the wealth of new and officially licensed titles hitting our beloved systems. As of late Piko Interactive has been making a name for itself through sourcing the rights to long lost titles which may have missed out on worldwide releases, along with the distribution of high quality homebrew creations. After finding its feet in the community, Piko Interactive have finally revealed the next seven games which will be hitting their online store.

The first of these all new releases is an Atari Jaguar port of Custodian - a 1989 Atari ST game from Realms Software Concepts. Appearing to be a direct conversion of the game, Custodian is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up come platformer which appears to offer plenty of firepower and action on the 64-bit system.

On more familiar territory the Sega Mega Drive looks set to see the localisation and re-release of two Taiwanese exclusive titles, Smart Mouse and Generals of the Yang Family (better known as Yi Men Ying Lie: Yang Jia Jiang). Puzzle fans will no doubt warm to Smart Mouse’s similarities to the likes of Pengo and Adventures of Lolo, whilst Streets of Rage lovers can look forward to another brawler with a more historical theme in Generals of the Yang Family. Furthermore Sega’s 16-bit platform is due to see a cartridge release of the 2013 homebrew knock-em-off Sumo Slam!

Further adding to Piko Interactive’s line-up, Super Nintendo collectors can finally get their hands on the cancelled English version of Iron Commando: Koutetsu no Senshi, another side scrolling 16-bit brawler with plenty on offer. Nintendo NES fans are also catered for following the cartridge release of Snakky - another take on the timeless Snake concept which once dominated our mobile phones.

Last but not least is a rather unusual addition to their line-up is a Super Nintendo title which has already seen release in both Europe and North America - Legend. Developed by Arcade Zone, we can only assume that Piko Interactive have secured the rights to their back catalogue given that Iron Commando is another one of their creations. Either way, collectors if interested can invest in another version of the game if interested.

Prices for these new releases vary between $34.99 to $74.99, with some games offering boxed editions too. Out of the bunch available, here’s a sneak peek at some of our favourites:

Iron Commando (Super Nintendo) Gameplay

Generals of the Yang Family (Sega Mega Drive) Gameplay

Smart Mouse (Sega Mega Drive) Gameplay

Link: Piko Interactive Announces Brand New Line Up

Last Updated ( 12 October 2016 )  


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