Pikmin Animated Shorts Coming Soon To Nintendo 3DS

pikmin3miyamoto3devNintendo are apparently busy working on a series of 3D animated adventures featuring the Gamecube's Pikmin - and what better platform than the pocket-sized Nintendo 3DS?

The short films based on the Gamecube's finest miniatures are designed specifically to take advantage of the handheld's smaller screen and (surprisingly decent) 3D capabilities, and will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop. It is unclear at the moment if the shorts will be available to purchase or given away free of charge, but with series creator Shigeru Miyamoto directly overseeing the project you can rest somewhat assured of a qualty product either way.

"We really just want to take advantage of the Pikmin characters," Miyamoto-san stated earlier in the week.

"We have started selling Shaun the Sheep videos, so we're continuing to look at ways to expand the eShop offerings. Nintendo 3DS is great for viewing 3D video content so we wanted to look at ways to expand that offering."

"When Olimar first discovered the Pikmin he named them based on the PikPik brand carrots in his home world, so he clearly loves carrots," Miyamoto said. "I thought it would be fun to have a scenario where it seems like he is going to eat the Pikmin. So it's kind of dark, but he doesn't eat them."

The third installment in the Pikmin universe was scheduled to arrive shortly after the Wii U, but Nintendo confirmed last December that the title had been pushed into a April/June release window.

Are you excited about Pikmin 3? Or do you look back to the 2001 original with joy? Let us know!

Last Updated ( 11 March 2013 )  

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